4 Tips For Offering Contactless Food Service

4 Tips For Offering Contactless Food Service

With just shy over one year into the global pandemic, restaurants around the world are still making adjustments to stay in business while providing excellent customer service. And contactless delivery is a mainstay at the top of what most restaurants—if they didn’t have it already—had to add to their operations, and that’s not poised to change anytime soon. In fact, even when the pandemic ends, restaurants are likely to keep contactless delivery services to increase their revenue and give their customers the service they’ve come to expect.

How To Communicate Contactless Delivery Options To Customers

You can add a contactless delivery option to your app enabling pre-pay, doorstep delivery and curbside pickup and provide a place for your customers to add delivery instructions in the app or online. It’s a convenient and reliable way for you to communicate with your customers to find out how they want to order, pay and receive their food. Safety is always a top concern, but so is ease, convenience and speed.

Explore these tips for making contactless delivery work for your restaurant:

  • Give customers a way to tell you they don’t want contact. Add a contactless delivery option or a space for delivery instructions to your app or ordering site.
  • Pivot to mobile payments. Stop taking cash as a payment option to avoid hand-to-hand contact.
  • Thoroughly disinfect all food delivery packaging. Sanitize your surfaces and POS terminals, and double-seal your orders in disinfected packaging.
  • Use social media to promote your contactless services. Consider using short videos, too, to explain how your contactless options work.

Pivot To Mobile Payments

While not every restaurant is doing it, you can stop taking cash as a payment to avoid hand-to-hand contact and avoid spreading any germs that may be lingering on paper bills and coins. Contactless payments were already something your customers wanted and fortunately there are many to choose from. From mobile payment like Apple Pay and Google Pay to your own ordering and payment app to third-party apps like Grubhub and UberEATS, there are many ways your customers can easily view your menu, place their orders, pay and receive their food and drink without having any physical contact with anyone in your business. Also, by using them, you give your customers more ordering, pay and delivery flexibility and that goes for you and your staff as well, something every restaurant needs especially now.

Remember: Safety First

As the pandemic continues with spikes occurring around the world, your first priority has to be safety for your customers and your staff. Sanitize your surfaces and POS terminals, and seal your orders in clean, disinfected packaging that’s double-sealed. Consider adding a flyer or sticker thanking your customers for their support and reassuring them you’ve taken extra safety precautions with their order. It may also be worth adding a coupon to encourage further orders and providing your social media handles for future updates and offers.

Drive Your Contactless Delivery Business Through Social Media

Use your free social media platforms to let your customers know that you have contactless food delivery. It’s a great way to promote your restaurant’s safety, generate business and promote your brand. For example, Yum China –– which operates nearly 9,000 Pizza Hut, KFC and other restaurants in the world’s second-largest economy –– used short, informational videos to promote safe contactless delivery options on social media platforms WeChat and Weibo.

Speaking of promoting your brand, contactless food delivery presents a lot of new opportunities to do it. It’s actually an interesting paradox—while your customers are being forced inside, the massive uptick in delivery is forcing your brand to go outside. So, while promoting your brand before mainly came down to the dine-in experience, your website and social media platforms, now the whole community is kind of your branding oyster. From packaging and menu changes to new touches like adding personal notes, you have ample new opportunities to promote your brand.

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