5 Reasons Why You Need A Digital Menu Board

5 Reasons Why You Need A Digital Menu Board

When analyzing and reviewing business costs, you may have found that you’ve spent an inordinate amount on updating menus or printing posters for various promotions you have run. Maybe it has been quite a while since you have updated your menu due to cost. Cost savings is just one of the reasons why digital menu boards are the best option and a wise investment. Benefits of digital menu boards include cost savings, visual appeal, time savings, more memorable customer experience, and expanding your marketing efforts. Digital menu boards are vital in the world of fast casual tech and drive thru tech.

Particularly with fast casual restaurants, drive thru signage is extremely important. These types of restaurants have a line item on their budgets that digital menus can help to remove. If you invest in digital signage, you no longer have to worry about sending menu changes and regular promotions to the printer. Also, your staff will not have to take time to take down old promotion posters and replace them with new ones. The bottom line is you save on hard costs and also save by being able to involve a lesser amount of people when introducing menu changes and new promotions. With a digital menu board, you cut the printer completely out of the picture and take control of the user experience by using digital signage software to change your digital menu board and signs.

With a digital menu board, you can display a more realistic expectation of what the food on your menu looks like. You have the opportunity to draw people in and tempt their appetites through the use of visual display. Digital menu boards also allow you to take advantage of video and animated gifs, entertaining your customers and educating them about your offerings while they wait in line, wait for curbside pickup or walk by your restaurant. The use of this type of visual display has been proven to increase drive thru sales.

Digital signage software also offers you the flexibility in communicating your message to your target market, while saving time in doing so. For example, rather than having to manually change menus from breakfast to lunch, you can use digital signage software to configure your digital menus to change as needed – particular times of the day, particular days of the week, or on set dates to offer daily specials or other promotions. And one change made using digital signage software can update the digital menus in all of your locations, if you are running multiple locations.

Digital menus will provide entertainment for your customers and give you the opportunity to expand upon your marketing efforts. A digital display outside of your restaurant is much more likely to attract someone’s attention than a menu placed inside a glass frame. A digital menu board offers you the opportunity to literally bring your menu to life. You can display enticing graphics, educational videos, a list of specials, and many other things that can offer you an advantage over your competitors who may not be taking advantage of all that digital menu boards have to offer.

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