5 Reasons Why You Need a Digital Menu board for your drive-thru

The very first drive-thru window popped up in Springfield, Missouri in 1947 at a burger joint known as Red’s Giant Hamburg. Drive-up restaurants were already in full swing at this point, but it was Red’s that started the trend of ordering food by talking to an invisible person through a two-way speaker.

Now drive-thru windows are everywhere! Sophisticated and savvy, two-way speakers have replaced older models. LCD screens display orders to ensure accuracy, and videos of sparkling, ice-cold sodas and freshly grilled burgers are taking the place of traditional 2D images.

Looking to dip your toes into the latest advancements in drive-thru marketing? A digital menu board could be the way to go! In the digital world, technically advanced menu boards are gaining wide acceptance in the food industry. The right solution can attract and sustain customers, resulting in better sales. Digital menu boards can easily woo customers to a restaurant with eye-popping food images and videos that can be changed easily and often.

It’s a Great Return On Investment

While the initial investment of any outdoor signage can be pricey, studies show the ROI after the installation of an outdoor menu comes fairly quickly. According to an article published by Digital Signage Today, Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) that utilize indoor and outdoor digital signage see a 5 to 8 percent increase in revenue. Customers are easily attracted to images, which prompt them to make quicker decisions. This, in turn, encourages increased spending.

Owners can choose the items for display based on customer demand, high margin, promotions, and inventory. They can show items with better margins on the menu board, tempting customers to buy them. This increases the possibility of enhanced restaurant sales.

Digital Menu Boards Are Convenient

Digital menu boards are a convenient and useful communication tool for restaurants since changing the screen presentation is both easy and cost-effective. Compared to the generally used traditional methods, these advanced boards can often change images, update promotions, and show videos on demand.

Reinforce Brand Consistency

Digital menu boards help restaurants make sure that all their locations are up-to-date and consistent, boosting their brand image. Traditional menu boards, on the other hand, need constant efforts to manage, and there are also risks of employees forgetting to make the needed changes in time.

Digital menu boards can be manually or automatically updated with no extra expense. Restaurants can even schedule automatically changes their digital menu displays based on time, day, and audience. Highlighting a day’s special also can be done effortlessly when a business uses a digital menu board. Your menu can adapt if you serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which means no menu changeovers – or rotating static boards.

Ability to Create a Unified Network

The technology behind digital menu boards is very simple with owners being able to manage it by themselves in a few clicks. They can maintain the entire network of menu boards from anywhere in the world and change menu displays, menu lists, add offers, and more. Videos and images can also be programmed to run during different days, times or seasons.

Great Up-Sell and Cross Sell Opportunities

Digital menu boards help in up-sale. These screens can make higher-end products attractive and display complementary items. With eye-catching displays, one can grab a customer’s attention and can up-sell new menu items.

As drive-thru digital signage continues to pop up, it’s safe to say that the drive-thru will be at the forefront of even more quick-serve innovation. Digital menu boards are a great investment for any drive-thru operation and can compliment preview boards, directional signage, marketing posters and banners and more – making them part of the full drive-thru experience.

From exploring digital menu boards to using presell menus effectively, there are many ways to improve your restaurant’s efficiency even beyond best sales practices. Contact OrderMatic to discuss how you can enhance both your drive-thru and dine-in experience!