5 Reasons You Need a Digital Drive Thru Menu Board

5 Reasons You Need a Digital Drive Thru Menu Board

Drive thrus innovations are on the rise. Sophisticated, two-way speakers with LCD screens display your order to ensure accuracy; preview menus display videos of sparkling, ice-cold sodas and digital dayparting tactics show time-sensitive menu items to promote breakfast, lunch or dinner items.

If you’re considering a digital drive thru menu board for your quick service restaurant (QSR), you may have some reservations. Many do when they begin exploring unchartered territory, so here are some reasons why investing in a digital menu board is the way to go!

Excellent ROI

Money is often the greatest barrier between where we are now and where we want to be: we want to step into the digital signage space; we want to see our sales increase at our quick serve restaurant; and, we want to see our brand and our food items loved by all…all while seeking a return on our investment as quickly as possible.

While the initial investment of any outdoor signage can be pricey, studies show that your ROI comes fairly quickly after the purchase and installation of your new digital menu board. According to an article published by Digital Signage Today, QSRs that utilize indoor and outdoor digital signage see a 5-8 percent increase in revenue.

This increase, in part, can be attributed to easy-to-read menus with more food options. If boards are packed with too many images or words, it can fluster a customer and delay order delivery. Keeping it simple is always the most effective route.

Ditch The Ladders

For employees charged with updating outside menu board pricing, it can sometimes be a balancing act.

With outdoor digital drive thru signage, there is no balancing act. You can rest easy knowing that no employees are perched upon step ladders in your restaurant’s parking lot and no time has been wasted changing menu board items. With digital menu boards, prices and menu items can be instantly updated from the safety of a computer desk. The content management software that accompanies your digital menu board can communicate all your changes quickly and even on dayparting schedules.

Reduced Wait Time

In general, people don’t like to wait. We are a society that wants to go into an establishment, get what we want, and get out. Statistics show that the longest time a person will wait on average at a drive thru window is 203 seconds. (3.38 minutes.) Any longer than that, and they head down the road to the next drive thru location.

With so many of us dashing here and there to meet appointment obligations, busy parents and professionals find drive thrus a convenient meal solution; they just happen to sometimes appear at the drive-thru all at the same time which can cause backups and be a large driver for a customer to choose to visit the drive thru with the shortest drive thru wait line.

Getting food into the hands of drive thru customers has been the competitive edge for the QSR industry since the drive thru started nearly 80 years ago. The biggest fast-food chains do 60-70 percent of their business at the drive thru. Therefore, it’s crucial to reduce the wait time to stay competitive.

By making digital drive thru menu boards simple, attractive, and easy to navigate, it takes the anxiety out of outdoor ordering and ultimately speeds up the process–keeping your line short and moving while enticing busy customers to break for your restaurant.

Better Upsell Opportunities

Upselling is a super important concept in the restaurant industry. Word on the street is that digital drive thru menu boards are the “Silent Seller.” No salesman, no pitch, just enticing images, intriguing offers, and darn good food. With these three things combined, upselling can be a cinch.

When high-resolution outdoor digital menu boards boast cleaner images with easy-to-read options, choosing a burger with extra cheese or double pickles is a no brainer. Hungry customers will want to savor taste over savings.

Place your upsells on the right side of the menu board. Studies show that buyers tend to purchase goods listed on the right side as opposed to the left. And, because you can control content quickly on a digital menu board, changing items and adding promotions based on customer demand can also increase sales.

Track what menu items sell and note when and bring those promotions back at the same time next year. Follow the trends.

A Good Drive Thru Menu Board Can Remove Anxiety

There are thousands of people all over the world who struggle with drive thru anxiety. Seriously. They fear a plethora of things, including ordering the wrong item. If you simplify the ordering strategy, customers can leave the panic behind and move forward to enjoying the tasty burger instead.

As digital drive thru signage continues to pop up, it’s safe to say that the drive thru will be at the forefront of even more quick-serve innovation. Digital can be easier to update and change-leaving ladders and extension poles in storage for other purposes.

By changing offers and combo meals at lunch and adding additional dessert items at dinner, drive thrus can begin reaping the financial rewards of the digital drive thru signage.

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