5 Ways Hotels Can Benefit From Digital Signage

Hoteliers are always seeking new and innovated ways to enhance their guest experience. One of the ways they’re doing this is through digital signage. In this post we look at 5 ways you can implement digital signage to make your hotel more interesting, innovative and responsive to customer needs.

Automated Check-ins

As a visitor enters your hotel, their eye will naturally wonder to find the check-in area, so what if you presented a vibrant digital sign to catch their attention immediately? And, what if a guest could check their self in using the digital screen? Of course, the guest could use the regular check-in desk if they wanted to, but, they could also use the digital screen to check-in as well. If the line’s too long or if a guest is in a hurry, a digital self check-in could be completed in seconds.

The beauty of digital signage is that when no one is using the screen for an allotted amount of time, it can revert to whichever playlists and schedules you’ve set up.


Digital technology must keep evolving if it is to be useful. News and information displayed on digital screens was only going to cut it for so long. Now, guests can expect digital screens to be a source of personalized, relevant entertainment. With the right broadcast license, this could mean playing a film from Netflix in the waiting area of a hotel or adding a YouTube playlist of videos, guides or travel blog reviews.

When you want hotel guests to linger longer in a hotel bar, lobby or restaurant, or when you want to ease their perceived wait time, entertaining digital signage content is the way to go.


We’re never more engaged than when the information we’re viewing is useful. Paring super useful content alongside advertising will mean that viewers don’t feel like they’re being bombarded. At the same time, advertisers receive high returns on view rates.

Split screens or playlist scheduling are two ways this can be achieved. In the former, you can use zoned screen displays to pair advertising content alongside ambient information. The latter, allows you to schedule truly useful and engaging content mixed with advertising displays from sponsors.

Hoteliers also have the advantage of being able to make advertising content more geographically relevant. Local restaurants, bars and attractions can place ads on digital screens to share offers, information and directions to local experiences that hotel guests might be quite interested to explore.

Emergency Notices

Digital signage is a great emergency response tool. When there are incidents that guests need to know about, sending notices out across all screens within a network is like flicking a switch. This is a fast, efficient, and public way to get everyone within the hotel to recognize a potential danger or hazard. Written messages can also be combined with audio to reach even those with limited sight or hearing ability. Notices can be prepared in advance (for example, in anticipation of adverse weather) or can be written, uploaded and sent on the spot.

Travel Information

Digital signage sharing real time travel updates can make a huge difference to the guest experience. If during check-in, inside the hotel room or upon leaving, guests can view live travel updates from nearby buses, trains, subways, trams and more. Having this real-time information will help guests organize their plans much more effectively.

From exploring digital signage to using content scheduling technology effectively, there are many ways OrderMatic can improve your hotel communications. Contact OrderMatic to discuss how you can enhance your hotel’s guest experience with a digital signage network today!