About Us


Increase Sales

Never miss an upsell! Impactful visual signage, clear audio and engaging design will have your customers asking for more every time.

Rich Media Displays

Our dynamic digital signage can feature specials, high-dollar items and other content in animated displays to capture attention and sales.

Advanced Sensors

Stay on top of the latest drive thru presence aware technology with advanced sensors, scanners, and video communication solutions.

What Sets Us Apart

Everything is designed and assembled in our onsite industrial manufacturing facilities. From research and development, to final product housing, our talented employees are constantly collaborating to defy the standard and push innovation forward. OrderMatic believes in open communication and cross-functional team dynamics. We hand assemble every working component. We solder the switchboards together, assemble the interiors of the drive in boards, we punch the exterior metal casings, spot weld every angle, and rigorously test each final completed product before it’s shipped out. Organized workflows and straight talk keep the lines moving day in and day out.


What We Do Today

OrderMatic designs and manufactures branded next generation drive thru signage, drive in products and accessories, and technology solutions for quick service restaurants, retail merchants, and sports and entertainment venues.


Our Steadfast Mission

To achieve excellence in product development and customer service by providing leading edge technology and design solutions that effectively solve the transactional communication needs of our clients.


Products and Services

We design and manufacture custom drive thru menu boards, rotating canopies, point of sale technologies, and drive in products. We stand behind our products and offer warranty packages along with 24/7 customer support.

Our Past

While working in his garage in 1955, OrderMatic founder Bill Cunningham invented an efficient, easy-to-use communications system which he would soon install at Cattlemen’s Drive In in Oklahoma City. This unique system would quickly become the standard for multi-station ordering. In the 1980’s, OrderMatic expanded again to develop its first point-of-sale system for restaurants. With its ability to track reply time, order time, and delivery time, this system generated new business intelligence that was revolutionary for restaurants in the quick serve restaurant industry. Curiosity and inventive engineering drive development forward at OrderMatic and today, our innovators continue to challenge the status quo, think differently and refine the ordering process for our clients.

Our Company Today

At OrderMatic, we sit at the intersection of manufacturing and technology. This unique position allows us to design and develop solutions that enhance the customer transactional experience in new and innovative ways. OrderMatic designs and manufactures drive thru branded next generation signage, technology solutions, and drive in products and accessories for quick service restaurants, retail merchants, and sports and entertainment venues.

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