The Alternative Drive-Thru

The Alternative Drive-Thru

Today’s drive thru expands beyond the fast food and quick serve restaurant industry. The emphasis on convenience has retailers re-imaging service and distribution. Traditional sit-down establishments such as cafes or restaurants, as well as shopping destinations like grocery stores, are introducing the drive thru format to entice the consumer whose time is short and precious. The landscape for quick, transactional exchanges is rapidly changing to accommodate a consumer who wants more for less.

Drive Thru Grocery Stores
From drones and one-hour delivery services to the innovative Dash button, Amazon continues to consider ways that the shopping process can be simplified. The idea is that consumers would be able to order groceries online and then schedule a time to pick them up from their local facility. Although “drive thru” may seem to imply that a car should be involved, consumers would also have the chance to arrive by bike or by foot to pick up item orders that have been placed. Look for retailers like Wal-Mart and Whole Foods to follow suit.

Drive Thru Liquor Stores
Drive thru liquor stores makes it easier than ever for consumers to purchase items on the go. Although drive thru windows have been a fast food fixture for decades, the service has changed little since its inception. These types of stores offer a unique take on the idea of drive thru service by adding a whole new level of convenience.

The Barn liquor store in Stillwater, Oklahoma is a prime example of the implementation of the drive thru convenience store. This venue requires customers to drive directly into the building instead of pulling up to a window. Customers can choose to pre-order alcohol and other pantry items and then pull into the store to pick up their order. For those who have not ordered in advance, items can also be purchased on-site. The idea behind the service is to make it easier for customers to pick up basic items without ever leaving their car.

Post Office Drive Thru Stores
The Canada Post Office launched a pop-up drive thru store to test the idea of having a package pick-up service. This unique idea caters to the convenience of Canadians who have little time to run errands. The quick pick-up location aims to make the overall postal service a more simplified experience.

This service will undoubtedly aid those who shop online. The objective is to allow consumers to make their purchase ahead of time. This eliminates the need to deliver packages or have them sit at a post office with random hours. The drive thru will allow the consumer to pick up their parcel whenever they can.

Drive Thru Fashion Stores
Imagine what it would be like to still enjoy the love of shopping without the hassle of finding mall parking and then actually having to get out of the car during cold winter conditions. This is the hybrid of online and in-store shopping.

A London-based retailer, Selfridges, took those minor complications into detail upon its brilliant idea of ‘click and collect.’ The procedure is simple: drive up to the designated area alongside the department store where the stationed sales associate takes your order via iPad. Before you can even think about parking, you’re handed your bag of orders. Buyers are also given the option of pre-ordering online before hand and just making a simple pick up. No more time wasted hunting for parking spots during the holiday season!

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