Always Improving: Customer Service

Always Improving: Customer Service

No matter what business or company you may run or work for, the first thing you are taught is customer service. Depending on the position or service you are doing, the type of customer service may change, but the goal stays the same: to have the customer leave happy and satisfied.

Whether you do that through face-to-face interaction, or an intercom system; making sure the customer is content with the outcome of their trip is key. Having good customer service can be shown in many different lights. It can be through the act of person to person, or the atmosphere the restaurant provides. Either way, a customer will notice and respond to everything around them.

Who You Hire

Who you hire can make the world of difference in your restaurant. Hiring and keeping workers can be essential. Knowing who to hire and the training process can be amazing ways to know they will stay. 

It is crucial to ask the proper questions in interviews, look at the past just the yes or no answers and get a feel for them from a customer point of view. When they are hired, their first month can be the most important. Training and onboarding are the first steps in creating a great customer service worker. 

Get them excited about the job and tasks. You can show them your other great workers and show them what the possibilities are in the job. Keep them engaged.


As much as customer service relies on your workers and their work ethics, the equipment and supplies used in your restaurant can make a world of difference as well. To also look around and see if your restaurant is cleaned properly as well.

This can mean just making sure all your equipment works. Grills, fryers, ice cream machines, drive-thru equipment, cash registers, and even the utensils you may hand out to customers can gauge the customer service. Assuring that these machines are functioning or not can be the difference between your customers leaving happy and satisfied, or leaving with a frown.

Different Point of View

Walk out of your restaurant, walk back in, go drive your car through your drive-thru, throw some trash away, do things that a customer would be doing on a day-to-day basis. These simple tasks are a great way to see if anything needs fixing or adjusting in any way.

Get in the mind of your customer. You could even role-play ordering food with your employees and see how fast it takes, or to even better train them in things they may lack. It is crazy the differences we see when we change our point of view.

On top of serving amazing food to your customers, helping your community and become a staple within it can boost sales and interest as well. Any extra food after the day could be donated to a food shelter or donations from customers or a portion of proceeds can go to a current important cause. Simple changes or additives like these could attract a whole new audience you may not reach.

The phrase “the customer is always right” may be an old one, but it still holds some truth in it. Getting to know their needs and their expectations of a restaurant or drive-thru can be a huge game-changer to your own business. In that sense, the customer is always right.

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