Boost Sales with Digital Drive Thru Menu Boards

Boost Sales with Digital Drive Thru Menu Boards

An estimated 70 percent of sales that take place at restaurant drive-thrus occur at the drive thru windows. Another 8 percent in sales can be captured with impactful digital signage. Great outdoor marketing tools hold the key to boosting sales for fast food chains looking to increase sales in 2018.

As profit margins are squeezed, competition increases and operational costs rise, fast food venues are looking for a new angle to boost revenue. Restaurateurs are discovering that the right drive thru digital signage gives you the edge needed to surpass the competition.

Drive thru digital signage is proven to deliver a consistent sales boost on a weekly basis for small and large fast food chains alike. How? Fast food chains upgrading from static, illuminated poster menus to digital menu boards with moving images experience a shift in customer spend.

With upwards of 70 percent of QSR sales occurring at the drive thru, going digital outdoors represents a logical step when the goal is to boost sales of fast food. What makes drive thru digital signage so effective is the versatility it gives fast food chains, stripping away the limitations of static posters and panels.

Leverage Digital Menu Boards at the Drive Thru

A digital signage network at the drive thru can serve multiple functions at once, for instance:

  • Presales. Promote a brand new menu item at the drive thru entrance and sow the seed for a potential unplanned purchase.
  • Upsell. Displays can feature high-ticket items to tempt customers into additional purchases.
  • Promotions. Drive thru digital signage can be used to present eye-catching meal deal promotions.
  • Menu Segmentation. Point customers to your bestselling menu items rather than having them crawl through your entire menu. This also speeds up the number of orders processed in an hour.


Fast food venues are cashing in on drive thru digital signage because of its ability to attract customers, speed up the drive thru lane and improve the customer experience.

Profits Found in Customer Experience

However, digital signage isn’t a guarantee of more sales. What really drives sales is the way in which your menu is presented at the drive thru. An easy to read menu prompts quicker buying decisions, speeding up the drive thru lane, which ultimately leads to a positive customer experience.

When use correctly, digital signage enables fast food chains to present easily digestible content to their customers. A simple menu layout not only attracts customers, it keeps them coming back for more.

Convenience of Digital Signage

Aside from the sales boosting benefits that drive thru digital signage brings to the table, outdoor digital menu boards offer convenience too. Updating menus with new items or price changes can be done almost instantly, whereas a print run to replace static menu boards can take up to two weeks, plus you have to pay for the privilege.

Dayparting is made easier too, fast food chains can switch between breakfast, lunch and main menus, seamlessly. Better still, this can be done across multiple sites so that menus change in sync.

As a means of increasing sales across the fast food industry, digital signage at the drive thru offers the complete package and represents an excellent return on investment.