Boost Sales with Drive Thru Accessories

The success of your drive-thru depends on clear communication, order accuracy and fast service – the basic ingredients for customer satisfaction and repeat business. When your customers choose the drive-thru, quick convenience is probably the main driver so restaurant operators should be aware that every drive-thru detail is critical. Missing the mark can mean the customer will drive right past your business to the competitor next door. Adding a few elements to the drive-thru can make a big difference in the success of this vital asset.

OrderMatic Corporation offers a full range of drive-thru products and accessories that will enhance every part of the order-taking process, so your drive-thru business is more productive and more profitable. We help keep your customers satisfied and your drive-thru lane moving – and that’s always good for business.

Directional Signs

People need to know how to get to your drive-thru lane. Directional signs accomplish that. But they do more – they can set the tone for the entire drive-thru experience. They also welcome patrons and give you a bit of real estate for branding. Use the directional sign to start the patrons’ engagements on a positive note.

Menu Boards

Give guests waiting in line plenty of time to peruse your drive-thru menu with the addition of preview menu boards. Preview menus boards can be displayed in addition to your main drive-thru menu board to showcase featured items and quick promotions. Additional menu boards can take the pressure off customers when it is their turn to order, and it allows you to up-sell, including enticing people to try your limited time offers. Well-designed menu boards will draw the eye to the highest margin items – those items that contribute the most to your bottom line. If people are rushed, they tend to fall back to their go-to meals. Additionally, bottlenecks at the point of order reduce the number of cars you can move through your drive-thru during the busiest day-parts.


A well-designed drive-thru canopy offers a more comfortable experience for guests. It shields the customer from the elements. Not many people like to open their car windows to place an drive-thru order when it is pouring rain. Having a canopy will help and can influence a prospective customer’s decision on what drive-thru to choose, especially if the restaurant next door does not have one. Also, canopies help with the glare from the sun. Depending on where the menu boards are placed, there may be times of the day or of the year when the sun could make them very difficult to read.

Clearance Bars

Drive-thru clearance bars serve two primary purposes. First, they are a simple courtesy to your customers as people generally get upset when they “ding” their vehicle. And, in the event of an impact, OrderMatic’s clearance bars even pivot when struck, decreasing damage to the bar as well as the vehicle. After initial impact, the bar automatically returns to its original position. Second, they protect your investment. If you have an overhang or an awning at your pick-up window, impact from a vehicle will damage them, and may also cause structural damage to your building.

Ready to boost your drive-thru? Speak to the drive-thru experts at OrderMatic Corporation to learn about how you can improve your drive-thru with these and other enhancements.