Design The Perfect Drive Thru Engagement

Design The Perfect Drive Thru Engagement

When designing the drive thru of your fast food franchise, you’ll want to consider both efficiency, as well as effectiveness, as you’re creating a strong brand experience for diners who are not stepping inside of your building. As leaders in the drive thru technology industry, we’ve found some crucial steps can help you design the perfect drive thru engagement.

1. Road Signage. Ensure that there is adequate and visible signage to direct the flow of traffic around the building, and let customers know where to go for both drive thru ordering, as well as parking for those dining in. Nothing frustrates a customer more than traffic congestion or confusion, so make sure you’ve directed the flow of traffic for them.

2. Presell Signage. These are the signs used to share marketing or menu messages with customers in line for the drive thru. The benefit here is that you’re able to inform them of limited time offers or other specials, while they are still debating on what they want to order. Take advantage of this prime real estate with digital or printed signage. Additionally, don’t overlook the opportunity to place presell signage near the entrance to influence customers that are dining in.

3. The Order Station. Where the customer actually places the order, either via an employee or through technology, this is a personal point of communication for your customers. To succeed here, focus on signage that is clear, with easy to read print, and large high quality photos. Offering a confirmation screen will delight customers who want to know that their order was received correctly.

4. Exterior Signs. Often seen in the forms of window clings, or banners, exterior signs have recently gotten an upgrade in the form of technology. With options such as snap cases, which allow for quick change of printed materials, or LED lit signs, using available building real estate for brand messaging is smart and efficient.

5. The Thank You Sign. Just as you always thank your customers for dining with you inside the restaurant, you’ll want to include Thank You Signage to finish off the perfect drive thru engagement. Choose language that invites guests back, such as “See you next time!” or “Please come again!”

6. Consistent branding. Perhaps it goes without saying, but we want to be clear: using consistent branding throughout the drive thru experience will be key. Using brand colors in menu boards, on canopies, and in signage is important to make your customers experience feel smooth and welcoming. Images should be high quality, and word choices should reflect the overarching brand message.

Being thoughtful about the user experience for your customers, from their first entrance into the parking lot, to the ordering process, to the experience after they’ve received their food and are heading on their way, will ensure that you’re building brand loyal customers. Designing the perfect drive thru engagement will allow your fast food franchise to stand out among the crowd.