Drive Up Sales with Drive-Thru Menu Boards

On average we are exposed to 5,000 ad messages a day so why are so many restaurant owners failing to exploit one of their greatest assets? The opportunity to more effectively engage the customer with your brand is right there in the drive-thru!

The menu board is arguably the greatest sales tool a restaurant has in the drive-thru lane. Easy to read, vibrant boards aid the customer in the decision-making process. Too many options, small print, or a confusing layout can frustrate the customer and suppress sales but big, beautiful prominent menu displays can be one of the most effective means to increase revenue for drive-thru operators.

One quick tip operators use to boost food sales in the drive-thru is by boldly displaying combo meals on their menu boards. Combo meals simplify the ordering process, display key products, incorporate the up-sell of a side and drink, provide consistency for the employees and result in greater sales, faster order times, faster service time and greater accuracy.

Digital menu boards are another great option for those looking to gain an edge with customers. They make changing or enhancing sales strategies more cost efficient and much easier. Menus can be changed to promote items based upon the time of day, specialty products can be promoted with high-quality photos to increase impulse buys, and there is no lag time waiting for a new menu board to get printed.

In addition, digital menu boards are run on robust platforms that make content management easy. By being able to make easy updates and synchronizing menu options between the indoor and outdoor signage, and among various locations, operators can ensure the accuracy of the menu options and all pricing. And these management platforms provide operators with key metrics to ensure the effectiveness of their content and helps them make necessary adjustments to their operations.

Ready to add a boost your drive-thru? Speak to the drive-thru experts at OrderMatic Corporation to learn about how you can improve your drive-thru with next-generation menu boards and other drive-thru enhancements. From branding to installation, OrderMatic will work to ensure your drive-thru expresses your brand, engages your customer and provides them an experience which will keep them coming back.