Ever-Changing Menu Content

Ever-Changing Menu Content

Digital signs are helping restaurant operators succeed. These digital boards are indoor/outdoor commercial grade TV screens and are the latest in restaurant tech, allowing restaurant operators to incorporate full motion video into their displays, and instantly update content to account for last minute product and price changes for a single location or multiple locations. Operators are increasingly realizing how effective digital signage can be in increasing their bottom line, while also increasing their overall market share.

Evolving computer and display technologies have moved forward substantially in recent years, with menu board manufacturers offering the restaurant industry a modern alternative to the old school ways of communicating products, pricing and promotions. This advancement has come in the form of digital signs, which can be LCD, LED, and projection, completely altering digital signage offerings and fast casual tech in general, while pushing restaurant sales up.

The benefits of digital signage include:

● The ability to use automatic dayparting of digital signage
● The ability to remotely update signs and make instant, preprogrammed changes
● Centralized control of marketing, promotions and displayed content (promote products that are in high inventory, add new items to the menu, run specials)
● The ability to integrate inventory levels and point of sale (POS) to change marketing and pricing quickly and easily
● Cut costs, including printing and shipping signage board inserts
● Maintain brand consistency for operations that have multiple locations
● Display required nutritional information
● Communicate corporate messaging and training materials for staff
● Share information and entertainment with customers in the dining room

Digital signage and promotional boards allow messages to the consumer to be dynamic, clean and interactive, as well as integrate static or full-motion content. This also allows the operator to incorporate cross promotions with vendors, partners and suppliers. The bottom line is that digital signs are quickly becoming an integral part of the quick service and fast casual restaurant environments and a must-have on the restaurant equipment list for any operator. Rising costs and ever changing consumer tastes mean that menus and prices are consistently changing. If the availability of an item changes quickly, for example, new marketing signage can be uploaded quickly, and efficiently.

OrderMatic supplies digital signage systems that are extremely durable and designed for both indoor and outdoor environments. From the type of materials to the service OrderMatic offers with each product offered, OrderMatic delivers peace of mind for restaurant operators.

There is plenty of evidence that points to restaurant operators seeing an immediate increase in sales simply by converting to digital signage. The return on investment is more than there. Quick service restaurants have always been known for their dynamic environments. Orders are taken quickly, payment is made, the food is prepared, bagged and handed to the consumer in just a couple of minutes. It is a fast-paced, ever changing world, so it only makes sense that the menu content be ever changing along with it.

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