Expand Your Drive-Thru

Expand Your Drive-Thru

While we have seen many changes to drive-thrus through the years, there are still amazing changes to come. It seems as if as time goes on, people’s needs and the world changes. This can change how people want to get their food and how drive-thru businesses may handle taking orders and giving out food.
We have seen things like a park and go, where people can order off their phones and come to park at the establishment and wait for their food. We have also seen changes in how many cars can order at once. McDonald’s put in multiple ordering lands on their drive-thru roads. Chick-Fil-A also changed the game with their method of putting their employees outside to order food from a dozen cars at once. No matter what changes might occur, they are there to make the time from ordering to receiving faster for the customer.

Why Expand?

You may think the current drive-thru method is cut and dry and good for everyone involved. However, as we have seen by these new ways, there are plenty of ways to cut time in half and keep your customers coming back because of short waiting times.
If you were to add more employees taking orders, your cooks could prepare more food at once. Then when the customers come to get their orders, they are able to get it and get out of there even faster than they would if it was one by one cars. That way you are serving more people in the same amount of time and in the end, getting more money.
Online ordering has also changed the game. Many places allow online ordering and have a whole other pick-up line for people who ordered off their phone. This can save time for them if they are in a rush and save time for your employees as well so they can focus on the people in line to order. Having customers order online can also save room in your drive-thru line if you were to set up designated parking spots for them to wait in. Places like Applebees have started this and it can save lots of time. Before that, they never had a drive-thru technique and it has really helped people who want to get a good dinner in a quick amount of time.

A New Viewpoint

What has really been interesting is how inventive drive-thru designs can get if we put our heads together. For example, this has really shown in a Dunkin Donuts in the Philippines. They have included a whole new drive-thru method for people on the go. A drive-thru land for bikes. This is an absolutely amazing way to keep people coming to your business who happen to bike to work, are having a nice stroll, or don’t have a car. They are able to ride up, place their order, and grab it with no issue. It is pretty identical to the car lane, however, it is a different lane for safety and efficiency. This method could open so many doors for marketing to people we may not even realize we are missing.