Explore Dayparting with Digital Signage

First things first: Dayparting is a fancy word for scheduling, and in terms of digital signage, it refers to playing the right content for the right time of day.

For example, drive-thru restaurants can use dayparting features on their digital menu boards to show their breakfast menu until a specific time of day, and schedule the menu to automatically switch to the lunch menu at another set time. For quick serves, dayparting content is an easy way to maximize the total space they have available on their menu boards. The lunch menu isn’t sharing real estate with the breakfast menu, and vice versa. As a result, there is more space to dedicate to promoting specific items for specific times of day.

The effective marketing practice of dayparting is not just limited to drive-thrus either. Whether you’re a bank using promotional signage, a retailer with a giant video wall behind the register, or an auto repair shop, you can leverage dayparting to get the most out of your signage.

Learn how to entertain and inform your audience, by:

  • Staying relevant and only highlight certain products during specific times of the day.
  • Boosting interest by changing mixing your content with promotional ads, product highlights, local news, sales and more.
  • And, never miss updating your customers with the latest offerings by pre-scheduling content for different days, weeks, months and seasons.

While dayparting is super effective for showing different content at specific times of the day, it’s also great for automatically scheduling content for different days in the week or for different times of the year. Maybe you’re a retailer that offers special discounts every Tuesday, or you’re a salon running a monthly special on pedicures. Dayparting tactics grant you the flexibility to communicate all types of messaging and promotions to your customers.

And, it’s never too soon to start thinking about the holidays – that hectic time of the year when dayparting can make location marketing so much easier. Instead of having to take down all your print signage before Thanksgiving and replace it with holiday décor, you can schedule holiday-themed signage content weeks in advance and have it automatically displayed for those Black Friday shoppers.

The possibilities are truly endless with dayparting. OrderMatic’s latest digital menu board collection features 1, 2, and 3-panel options that will help to streamline your menu update process and grab the attention of your customers with crisp LED clarity. Display static and dynamic content, stream videos, social media, weather and more! Plan, store, manage, and schedule your content in advance with our centralized content management software. Digital menu boards not only take your drive-thru to the next level, they also create a better overall experience for the customer and restaurant operators.