Fast Tips for Fast Food Drive Thru Service

QSR and Insula Research have estimated that about 50 to 70 percent of fast food sales happen at the drive thru window. With over half of customers choosing to use the drive thru windows to get their orders, customer service must be a top priority for drive thru attendants.

Stay ahead of the competition with these fast tips that will help improve your company’s drive thru through customer service:

Service Before the Order is Placed
When a customer chooses the drive thru, they expect fast service and friendly employees. If there is a long line of cars in the drive thru, customers can become impatient. To avoid this situation, have more employees work the drive thru to ensure fast service during peak business hours. Once a customer pulls up to the speaker, a drive thru worker should greet them within three seconds of the car stopping. Just by greeting a customer, a drive thru worker can jump start a positive dining experience.

Additionally, the drive thru signage can heavily influence what a customer buys. Your drive thru signage is your silent greeter so be sure to have any special promotions or meal combos displayed in a manner that is easy to read and easy to follow. Well-designed drive thru signage can also help customers avoid menu confusion and can even speed up the ordering process.

Service During the Wait
Leading drive thru experience studies all show that a lack of professionalism stood only behind poor speaker quality as a top customer turnoff to fast food service. It can’t be said enough: Any employees working the drive thru need to be polite to customers. Smiling and being friendly when taking order payments is a simple way to promote a pleasant drive thru experience.

Drive thru workers should also choose appropriate conversational topics when talking to customers and coworkers because you never know who is listening. Drive thru attendants only have a window dividing them from the customers, and customers can see and possibly hear everything the attendant says.

Service Delivering the Order
Delivering the meal is the final piece in the drive thru customer interaction exchange. Not only should the food in the bag be piping hot, but drive thru workers should anticipate additional dining needs and ensure bags contain eating utensils and napkins. Workers should also ask customers if they want any condiments and seasonings to go along with their meal. And last but not least, a simple “thank you” from the drive thru will thoughtfully round out the entire customer service experience.

Drive thru workers must remember that even though the drive thru provides fast service it does not mean an employee should short change the customer’s experience. Fast, convenient and high quality can all come together for a successful drive thru exchange.