Gaining Popularity Within Your Town

Gaining Popularity Within Your Town

When running a fast food restaurant or QSR it is important to be known in your town. There are many ways to go about gaining popularity within your town. Depending on your restaurant and the goals and brand you want to establish, you can go about this differently. In the end, it is all about representing your restaurant in the way you want your audience to see you. You have the ability to portray your restaurant in any way you wish as you start to grow within the community. 

Get in Touch With Local Media

Many towns have local newspapers or magazines that are handed out in mailboxes or the front of local stores. Once you have your business open and your brand established, finding your nearest town paper could be the next step. A newspaper is able to put out ads for your restaurant as well as press releases. A press release can be a great way to give your audience an idea of who you are, what your restaurant is, and what they can expect when they come and eat. Weekly or monthly ads will cost money, but it is a consecutive way to keep your restaurant in the eyes of your patrons without much effort from you.

Sponsor Something Within the Community

There are many opportunities to get up close with the people in your community through local sports, schools, or other town events. As a restaurant or fast-casual establishment, you want your name and brand out there as much as you can so it could be useful to try to sponsor a town sports team or event. This can help put your name out there for all to see while also showing your support for the community and the people within it. Many consumers like to know who they are buying from and being at the front lines of events can be just the way to do that.

Participate In Small Business Fairs

Many times down will have small business fairs or events for the businesses in the community. These may happen around the holidays or during the summer, but either way, it could be a great chance to show off your amazing service and your restaurant’s values. If you are able to, small sample foods could also be given out at the fair to give your audience and a small taste of what they can expect at your establishment. 

Events like these are also a great way to network with other small businesses and gain relationships with other owners. By networking, you can get insight on any town changes or helpful information that could help you in running your restaurant. 

When you open a restaurant in a city or town, the relationship you have with the people that live there is one of the most important parts. They are your bread and butter and can help you grow your business.