The American Hamburger: Forever A Drive Thru Menu Staple

OrderMatic has been there from the beginning to see the hamburger’s meteoric rise. Celebrate this iconic American food with the company that’s had them on the menu since 1955. Showcase your iconic menu items with our variety of menu housings and digital menus.

As we near the start of summer and with two teenagers on my hands until August, I think back on my first summer job. I was 15 and a sophomore in high school. My grandfather Cunningham gave me a job as the front desk receptionist at OrderMatic. My grandfather firmly believed that every call that came in would be answered by a real human being. He believed in that first-person customer service, and believe me, it was not easy! I was fielding sales inquiries, accounting questions, and the inevitable restaurant operator whose ordering system had crashed during the lunch rush. I had to learn to be calm, clear, and quick in my responses and get them connected to the person who would solve their issues ASAP, not just pass them around the office extensions.

Harried customers aside, I loved that first job because I was surrounded by family. My grandfather had a knack for hiring family. At lunch, I could pop over to the “menu” department and visit my Aunt Claudia and Aunt Justine, they were my grandmother Cunningham’s sisters. I still remember the smell of silk screen chemical ink that was pervasive that building. After Claudia and Justine retired, my sister Megan took over the menu design department. She put her considerable artistic talents to use in designing custom menus for our line of menu housings. From Sonic to Stars, our design department had you covered. More relatives would work in the menu design department over the course of the years, including my husband, but as tastes and technology changed, the old-fashioned silk screen menus became obsolete. But one thing hasn’t changed, my sister is still a great graphic designer, and my daughter has picked up the old ways by taking a silk screen class her freshman year at college.

As I look at OrderMatic’s innovative product history, I can’t help but think that it all goes back to what my grandfather said about answering that frontline phone. He wanted each customer greeted by a real person. He wanted them to get the help they needed quickly and concisely. When I look at the menu housings and digital menu boards OrderMatic has created, I think that same message of frontline customer service comes through loud and clear. Your menu signage, whether it’s drive-thru, stall, or counter service, is the frontline of communication with your customers. You want it to be clear and concise, so it helps the customer get what they need quickly and efficiently. Click here for to see the full line of menu boards that OrderMatic has designed that will allow your business to put its best foot forward very day!

Quick Last Note

Thanks so much for this social media takeover opportunity! I’ve enjoyed revisiting my time with our family company and hope you’ve learned a thing or two about us and the business that my grandfather built from the ground up all those years ago. I leave you today with pictures from a field trip that I took with my kids the other day down to Wheeling, IL. It’s home to SuperDawg drive-in. My kids were glad just to get out of the house due to the stay-at-home orders here in the state of Illinois. We took a trip to this location because the store is outfitted with OrderMatic menu housings and speaker systems. It’s a great testament to the staying power of the simple and efficient technology my grandfather invented all those years ago.

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