Sending Love To Our Super Moms

As we celebrated our super moms this past weekend for Mother’s Day, it’s hard not to reminisce about our childhood moments where we just knew our moms had eyes in the back of their heads – nothing made it past these fantastic ladies. As a third-generation OrderMatic Cunningham, it’s hard not to compare Mom’s all-knowing sixth sense with our SmartWAVE™ presence indicator.

Hello! My name is Erin Sloan and OrderMatic has allowed me to take over their social media channels for the month of May. Why me you may ask? Well, I’m the oldest of OrderMatic’s founder Bill Cunningham’s four grandchildren and I had the opportunity spend many of my formative years working for OrderMatic so I know my way around their awesome product line.  I currently reside just outside of Chicago, IL and I’m a corporate sales trainer for a large education company. In our current environment, I have more “at home” time on my hands, and OrderMatic thought it would be a change of pace to have me talk about all the great work and products that they are currently developing, so let’s dive in!

When I was young, my mother had the uncanny ability to know exactly what I was doing, be it good or bad, no matter where I was. We used to say she had eyes in the back of her head. It was like her super-power, if you will. Now that I’m older and am the mother of two teenagers, I too have inherited my mother’s uncanny ability to be an All-Seeing Presence. Which brings me to our OrderMatic featured product of the day! The SmartWAVE™ system.

In our current climate, we are having to adapt to new ways of interacting with our customers, from video meetings, to touchless retail interactions. Don’t you wish you had a plug and play way to ensure your employees responded to drive-thru customers in a timely fashion? And without having to go through the hassle that comes with the traditional, labor-intensive installation of a drive-thru presence indicator? OrderMatic’s SmartWAVE™ system will alert employees that a customer is ready and notify them to approach the window and turn off the alarm with the wave of a hand. With the SmartWAVE™ system, think of all the possibilities to grow your business and meet your customers’ needs in this new age of physical distancing in which we find ourselves. From curbside pick-up, to making your current drive-thru more efficient, the SmartWAVE™ system is a real-world solution that will give your business the ability to have “eyes in the back of your head”, just like all those Super Moms out there!

Here’s a handy link to all the specs you need to know so you can invest in this cutting-edge communication tool for your customers.

Stay tuned for my next post, where I’ll talk about not leaving your customers out in the rain…

Until next time!


Erin (right) and her sister Megan (left) in the Pride of Oklahoma circa 1994

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