How to Cut Costumer Time in Your Drive-Thru

How to Cut Costumer Time in Your Drive-Thru

If you have a drive-thru for your restaurant, odds are that your customers expect to have a fast and easy experience going through and ordering. Drive-thrus are there to make the process of ordering food faster and more efficient for you and for the customer, however, sometimes that wait time goes up and up, making the time the customer has to wait even longer. 

We are progressing in our uses of technology as new tech comes along. That new technology can be a game-changer when it comes to making the process of ordering and getting food quicker. This can help you serve more customers, earn more money, and get a lot more smiling faces driving away.

Your Menu Board

You may not think that your board has anything to do with how fast orders are being made and put out, but it has all to do with how long it takes for your customer to order their food. It may be time to go out and read the menu board for yourself. Is it easy to read? Are your big sellers the focus of the board? You want to make sure the sign is legible and eye-catching to your customers. 

This could mean having to change up the graphics and adding more color, but in the end, it could help your customer find what they want quicker or even show off your new seasonal items or meal combos.

Order Confirmation

In addition to updating your menu board, adding an order confirmation slot to your menu can help with your drive-thru signage. Letting the customer watch their order show up on the screen can save time later on if they find something wrong with their order. They can also have a visual of what they are ordering and see if they are missing anything or wanting to add to it.

Mobile Pick Up

If you do have the option for online ordering through an app or your website, it could be a lifesaver to have two lines going for mobile orders and a normal drive-thru. This way you are not holding up people whose orders may already be done, and your drive-thru orders can be made quicker and with a shorter wait period.

Order Takers

This idea has been implemented in Chick-Fil-A throughout the past couple of years and they have seen amazing growth while doing it. Sending out people to take orders in the line of cars can help make multiple orders at once while also sending those orders to the kitchen to be made immediately. This can help get a few cars at once ordered and finished, not just one. 

In the end, the same old menu board might just not be cutting it anymore. Sometimes a nice clean-up and change may be good to help your drive-thru times go down and to create a better experience for your customer at the same time. Depending on what your restaurant and drive-thru offer, there can be so many beneficial changes you may be able to make to grow your business.