How to Digitally Market Your Drive-Thru Business

To survive and flourish in today’s restaurant market, you need a comprehensive online marketing strategy for your drive-thru business—that will let you build a brand identity, amplify your reach, create awareness, drive customer engagement, and attract a globally spread audience.

Once you’ve anchored your drive-thru’s online presence with a website, it’s time to incorporate these foundational marketing tips to help launch your exposure and reach new customers.

Digitally Optimize Your Business with SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is definitely a marketing idea worth considering for your restaurant. The keyword ‘restaurants near me‘ has 7,480,000 monthly searches on Google. This fact alone should convince you to get your restaurant business listed on major search engines like Google and Bing.

Once your website is up and running, try out these simple SEO tips:

  • Ensure the title of your homepage, and better yet, your website footer area has your brand name + your location and zip code, e.g. “OrderMatic Corporation – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73129”
  • Get listed on Google My Business. In fact, it’s recommended to get listed on as many local directories, you could use a local citation service from Directory Maximizer to get this done.
  • Ensure the address on your website matches exactly the information you submitted to Google and the aggregator sites. The address should be visible on your site. It could be in the footer. The presence of address information could help with local searches.
  • Put up your menu items on a dedicated page. Don’t just include a PDF. Listing your menu items on a webpage allows search engines like Google and Bing the ability to crawl your content so your text becomes searchable to users.
  • If you know of any websites that serve your location and community, try to get a link from those sites. Any link from contextually relevant sites can go a long way in helping you rank for your local searches. You can even spot backlink opportunities from your competitors’ backlinks.

Build Out Social Media

Social media marketing, over the years, has become an inalienable part of marketing exercises of restaurants—big and small. Each of the social media channels is different in its own way so it’s important to identify the social media channels your target audience frequent and hone your focus on that platform.

And because they all have different audience sets, with which you must interact differently, it’s imperative that you first know who your target audience is, and then identify the social media channels that they frequent the most. This will let you focus your effort and utilize your resources better.

Instagram, for instance, has more than 225 million public posts hashtagged ‘food’, which makes the social media channel hard to ignore.

Once you’ve found your channels, it is essential that you remain genuine and bring out your human side. While the platforms are all tech based, the people interacting with you at the other end are real human beings. Share content and stories that will engage your audience and make them a part of your journey.