How to Execute a Faux Drive-Thru

How to Execute a Faux Drive-Thru

In our forever changing world, restaurants are changing along with it. Sit-down restaurants have taken the back seat to curbside pickup or drive-thru restaurants. Many people these days enjoy the comfort of getting to sit in their car and have the food be brought to them. This can also save the consumer’s time as well. While everyone may have their own preference, drive-thru restaurants have been becoming more and more popular through recent years. 

With this upraise of popularity, some places are having some difficulties catching up. Not every restaurant has the capability of making a whole new drive-thru in their building or are sure if it is going to be worth the investment to contract one. At first glance, this could stop the idea right in its tracks. However, businesses have become creative and have created a drive-thru service out of their normal building and making it easier to conform to their consumer’s needs.

Pick Your Spot

Every restaurant should have a nice sized parking lot to the side or front of it. With that being said, some of those spots can be perfect to place your faux drive-thru. Create spots for your customers to park and be able to get the food brought to them. This should be somewhere your workers can see and be able to get to easily. 

Within these spots, allowing the customer to keep the “drive-thru experience” can be important. This could mean creating a contactless pickup situation. You could have the plan set up where the customer will text or call that they are there, or have cameras set up for your employees to see what cars are out there waiting for their food.

Make Payment Easier

On top of making a contactless pickup, you can also enforce a contactless payment system. This could be done where the customer orders. Whether that is on a website, an app, or through Google, allowing the customer to pay through their device can save time on both ends. This fast casual style can also help your kitchen make more food and serve it to your customers faster. 

 If you are unable to have them pay through their device, you could utilize hand help devices for your employees to bring out to the customer’s car. These devices can be a quick POS system where they can pay in the comfort of their own car and then get their food directly after.

Voice Your New Plan

With all these new moving parts of your business, it is important that they are voiced to your audience correctly and efficiently. They can’t use this new way of food delivery if they don’t understand how to use it. You can share this on your website, Facebook, or an app if you have one. Show off your new tactic and make it enticing for your audience. You want to make sure you’re able to put across how easy it is and how it can benefit them. 

While voicing how great it can be for them, this is the perfect way to help promote it. It can help raise your sales and traffic in the end. 

Adapting in the restaurant business can be one of the most important things to keep in mind. This world is forever changing, you don’t want to be left behind so make sure that you test out a faux drive-thru to see if you need to change your business model to keep up with your customer demands.