How to Improve your Drive-Thru

How to Improve your Drive-Thru

A drive-thru is something that many people rely on when it comes time to find a quick meal for them and their family. Drive-thrus make getting food quicker and easier without the need of getting out of your car or waiting in a long line. An efficient drive-thru is something both the customer and the management look for. For a customer, it can be the difference between having a rushed lunch break or a relaxed one. For management, it can be the difference between keeping their customers happy and gaining regulars, which in turn would lead to profits. 

While the system of a drive-thru may seem self-explanatory, a lot goes into the process of running it smoothly so each customer gets the food they ordered in a timely and efficient manner. No matter how much goes into it, there are always improvements that can be made to make the experience and turn out even better for both parties involved.

The Drive-Thru Experience

Right as a car pull-ups to order their meal, the experience of the restaurant starts. They need to be able to read the menu properly. This means having the menu board cleaned and that all the lighting works around it. It also could entail making sure it is up-to-date and promoting key foods that the customer is looking for. 

To really get a feel for this and to know what may need to be changed, going through the drive-thru yourself could be handy. Driving through and experiencing it for yourself just as a customer would, could show you areas of improvement you may not see from the inside.


There is a lot that goes into a drive-thru and one of these would be technology. This could be considered the microphones, cameras, or even the POS system. Having the proper drive-thru technologies can make the ordering process easier on the customer, greeter, and the kitchen. And having something by the menu board that projects the customer’s order can be a great addition to any drive-through.

Fast Timing

The main reason to use a drive-thru is for how fast you are able to get your food. If it takes too long, it makes no difference than just going inside to order. To assure the time period between ordering and handing the food out stays short, you have to look at many sides of the operations. 

Looking at your ordering techniques and how each order is given to the kitchen could be a great way of doing this. If your restaurant specializes in both fancy drinks and food, splitting the two and letting drinks be made on one side of the kitchen, and food on the other, could be a great way to utilize a fast pace. You may want to look at your kitchen like an assembly line. Make sure every station is put in a place it would make sense or that each person is placed at a station they know well.

Customer Service

Hiring people that can be chipper and friendly to the customers is important when in a drive-thru. They can not see the smiles on workers’ faces, so it could be beneficial to have people that can show their smiles through tone of voice. 

Also, making sure little things like utensils or napkins are placed in the bag. This may seem like a minuscule additive, but it can be extremely helpful to the customer later on when they eat. Then, having proper manners, and ending the conversation with a nice goodbye. The little things really add up when it comes to a good customer service experience. 

Overall, helping improve the drive-thru experience can be a mixture of cosmetic details, or taking a step back and rethinking the process as a whole. No matter what it is, making the experience the best it can for the customer can be the perfect way to keep bringing them back.

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