How to Market a Drive Thru Coffee Stand (or any other QSR stand)

How to Market a Drive Thru Coffee Stand (or any other QSR stand)

Drive-thru restaurants have long been appealing to customers for their convenience. Since many people drink coffee throughout the day, combining the ease of a drive-thru restaurant with quality coffee and well-made coffee drinks could prove to be a lucrative business venture. Marketing a drive-thru coffee business involves appealing to the right customer base and effectively informing the community about your company.

Step 1

Create a theme for your coffee drive-thru. This will make your business stand out, particularly among potential customers who pass by your business on their morning commute. For instance, decorate your business in bright colors, and plant tropical flowers like hibiscus or orchids around the stand to give customers the impression that your coffee stand is a relaxing oasis to help consumers start a busy day. Or, create a drive-thru coffee stand with a 1950s-diner theme, so baristas can wear uniform shirts or dresses from the decade in pastel colors, and serve foods introduced in the 1950s with the coffee, like Spam on a biscuit, slice and bake cookies or mini boxes of Special K cereal. You can also play music that fits with your theme and puts customers in a good mood, like ukulele versions of popular songs for a tropical-themed coffee stand, or tunes from rock and roll greats from the 1950s like Chubby Checker or Elvis Presley for a 1950s-themed stand.

A French café theme is also a fun idea – the more campy, the better. Think berets, wicker bistro chairs and tables (who knows, people might drive-thru and then decided to drink their coffee on a small patio), baristas with black trousers, black vests and bow tie with white shirt and white apron. Oooh la la.

Step 2

Creating a social networking following is of utmost importance. Set up a Facebook, Twitter and IG page for your drive-thru, and make sure your logo is prevalent. If your theme is IG worthy, even better. Post any specials that your coffee shop is offering, like half off a latte with the purchase of a pastry. Or, announce on social media that for a limited time, your stand will give a free pastry with every coffee purchase to any customer that can name a country in which coffee is a main crop, such as Brazil or Ethiopia. Post interesting facts about coffee (and or your theme) on your social media channels, such as health facts about coffee, tips on home cold brewing, etc.

Step 3

Inform potential and established customers about coffee types. You can do this by starting a blog for your drive-thru coffee stand, and posting the link to your blog on your social networking sites. For example, explain that an Americano coffee is espresso that has been diluted with water, so it’s potent, but not too strong. Share that cafe au lait is always made from brewed coffee, and is a beverage made of half milk and half coffee. Posting eye-catching drive-thru signage at the window will remind customers of your blog advice. You can also post the link to your blog, as well as your social channels, on the sign to remind consumers to keep checking the website and social for your drive-thru coffee stand updates.

Step 4

Present new and tasty coffee flavors. Advertise the coffee drinks your drive-thru is offering, like coconut cold brew or macha to celebrate summer, or a roasted pumpkin latte that’s just right for fall. It’s also a good idea to ask your customers which coffee flavors they’d like to buy from your stand. Create suggestion cards for customers to fill out and submit online or at the drive-thru window – plan an incentive for those who give suggestions.

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