How to Market your Growing Fast Food Business

A successful fast-food restaurant relies on a high volume of repeat business. To effectively market such a business requires quick delivery of a competitively priced product and the ability to serve customers in a timely and friendly manner.

Boost Sales with Menu Displays

Digital signage has transformed restaurant operations and management, making menu updates quicker and easier, improving the customer experience and boosting sales. Restaurant digital signage will increase the appeal of your menu items, making them look vibrant and highly appetizing, while making your menus easier to read. Restaurant digital signage is a highly practical way to display your menu and drive your restaurant’s business strategy, with multiple options available.

Grow Your Digital Signage Network

Research shows that restaurants with a drive thru lane can expect 70 percent of sales to occur at the drive thru window. With the addition of drive thru digital signage, you can expect to boost sales by a further 3 – 8 percent.

A digital signage network at the drive thru can serve multiple functions at once, for example:

  • Presales: Promote a new menu item at the drive thru entrance and sow the seed for a potential unplanned purchase.
  • To upsell: Displays can feature high ticket items to tempt customers into additional purchases.
  • To run promotions: Drive thru digital signage can be used to present eye-catching meal deal promotions.
  • Segmenting menu items: Point customers to your bestselling menu items rather than having them trawl through your entire menu. This speeds up the number of orders you can process in an hour.

Invest in Marketing Signage

Consider billboard advertising or signs near off-ramps or busy roadways. This catches customer traffic at convenient places, such as when they’re pulling off for gas or driving to or from work or school. Also consider signage near locations such as schools, office complexes and entertainment venues such as parks, recreation centers and swimming pools that will attract a young demographic.

Offer Specials and Coupons

Offer discounts and specials in the form of coupons on receipts to entice repeat business. Two-for-one specials or special pricing during slow times of day can be advertised on to-go bags and boxes and in colorful window signs. Take advantage of social media and mobile apps to send promos codes and discounts to customers who sign up for your service or who search online for discounts to area fast food restaurants.