How to Offer Contactless Curbside Pickup at Your restaurant

With the impact COVID-19 on restaurants, quick-service restaurants are rushing to find new ways serve their customers.

So how can quick-serves minimize contact and interactions between customers and employees and still do business? Curbside pickup transactions are leading the way! Curbside service is a strong strategy that can make customers more comfortable coming to the restaurant, and as a result, soften the financial impact on individual stores and franchisees.

Don’t have a curbside solution at your restaurant? Here are some tips on how you can quickly put one in place:

  1. Create A Dedicated Pickup Spot: If you don’t have drive thru, try to find a dedicated place for customers where they can park safely to pick-up the food; search for a location that provides the convenience of customers being able to stay in their car if possible. Also consider the safety of your employees as they will be delivering the food orders to customer vehicles.
  2. Create A Communication Channel For The Pickup: Customers should be able to place food orders through the phone or online, and despite which channel you use for orders, the customer should be notified through text and/or email when their order is ready to pick up.
  3. Track Customer Arrivals: An easy way to track customer arrivals and traffic is to install a parking lot camera for the staff to easily track customers approaching. Customers can also leave a note through text or on the phone describing the car and plates. If your restaurant area is convenient for car parking, and it’s possible for the driver to stay in the car, your employees can easily approach the car to deliver the food.
  4. Setup Contactless Payment Method: Contactless pickup will require a contactless payment method flexible enough for you and convenient enough for the customer. Here are some options to explore:
    1. Setup or create a website with a payment integration to pre-pay online.
    2. Use a tap-ready card reader – a tap will work through windows and glass!
    3. Dedicate a mobile card reader for curbside and allow the customer to insert their credit card for payment. Then, sanitize after each use.
  5. Post Clear Instruction for Customers: After putting together your curbside pickup plan, you will need to communicate the details with your customers to ensure they can easily order from your restaurant. This will help you reduce the volume of calls that ask the same questions. The easiest way to do this is to write the instructions and put it on your website and/or social media channels. Photos of the drop-off/pickup location will be super helpful for the customers to visualize their experience. It will also help you to avoid any misunderstandings and extra calls and texts with questions. Also invest curbside signs and parking space markers. You can keep costs low with prep-printed options available at Staples or contact your local print shops for stock availability.

Creating a curbside pickup plan will not only help you maintain service during the pandemic, it will also provide a flow of steady sales and customer engagement long after we’re through this unprecedented climate. Keeping your customers safe, happy, and fed is going to create life-long return diners, so follow our quick and easy steps and open your curbside service today!

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