How to Open A Drive-Thru Window for Your Fast Casual

Having a drive-thru can make the difference between a customer choosing your business or the business down the road, so naturally, the drive-thru window’s functionality is crucial to the flow and efficiency of your restaurant business. With up to 70 percent of quick-service business coming through the drive-thru window, it is also a significant revenue generator for QSR brands.

Traditionally, fast casual restaurants have steered clear of the drive-thru in order to maintain the reputation of providing higher quality food and a better dining experience. However, the fast casual segment is changing. The market is maturing and becoming saturated, requiring fast casual restaurants to look for new ways to stay ahead of the competition. 

It’s not as simple as installing a window on the side of a building. Including a drive-thru component in your restaurant is like adding a separate business, both physically and operationally. A drive-thru operation requires a certain type of real estate, as well as menu options that can be delivered quickly, outdoor digital signage, proper crew training and technologies to ensure speed of service and customer satisfaction.

Once you have a location that can handle drive-thru traffic and have analyzed your menu to determine whether the production of your menu items is possible in the expected delivery time, you need to leverage the proper technologies to meet your customer demands of speed of service, order accuracy and customer satisfaction, while also positively affecting your bottom line.

Outdoor Digital Signage

The first thing you need to do is grab the attention of the consumer. Installing outdoor digital menu boards that offer high definition digital graphics and vivid video elements is essential to captivating guests. Outdoor digital menu boards not only enable fast casual restaurants to easily tailor menu board content, but also increase the average check amount through suggestive selling functionality. OrderMatic’s advanced technologies offer weather-resistant signage that enables brands to bring their indoor ambiance to the drive-thru experience. 

Order Confirmation Systems

At the ordering station, state-of-the-art communication and display technology offers the easiest way for customers to visually build their own meals and for you to make add-on suggestions. Right now, the speaker system with visual confirmation is still the most efficient way to ensure speed and order accuracy. In addition to making sure everything is included in the order, repeating it in print on a screen eliminates miscommunications that may be caused by language, dialect, or speech patterns.

Speed-of-Service Solutions

In the fast casual space, speed of service is important but not on the same level as quick service restaurants. However, with drive-thru windows, speed of service is an absolute must. Speed of service solutions leverage sensor-based data to accurately measure speed of service, automate order management and provide a real-time visualization of drive-thru traffic at all times. Their ability to provide a more efficient, effective and satisfying guest experience for drive-thru customers, enables fast casual restaurants to continue to deliver a customized, higher quality dining experience that their customers have come to expect.

About OrderMatic Corporation

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