Increase Brand Perception Using Advanced Technology

Increase Brand Perception Using Advanced Technology

Image is everything. Have you ever seen a photo taken from the 80’s or 90’s and automatically know it’s an older image? So, why would you want to ever create the perception that your products or food options are “old” due to the image quality or literal age of your display system? This could end up aligning your brand with being outdated.

With an increasingly competitive market such as the quick service restaurant industry, keeping top-of-mind awareness with your customers should rank in importance is almost as valuable as delivering a consistent and delicious dining experience! Your brand image is telling your customers what they can expect from your products, says in The Basics of Branding.

By having high-resolution images displayed next to higher-priced products or featured items on your drive-thru menu boards, you are not only enticing your customer to order those products but displaying an overall message of what kind of products your restaurant has as a whole.

You’ll also want to be cognizant of sending this same message to your in-store patrons. Take the same care in having similar high-resolution images on easy-to-read digital menu boards within your establishment. Our customized communication solutions can help you keep consistency throughout your branding which develops familiarity and comfortability for your guests.

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About The Company
OrderMatic Corporation develops solutions that enhance the customer transactional experience in new and innovative ways. OrderMatic designs and manufactures drive thru menu boards, branded next generation signage, pos and technology solutions, and drive in products and accessories for quick service restaurants, retail merchants, and sports and entertainment venues. For over 60 years, OrderMatic is the official drive thru and drive in partner everywhere.