Increase Profits with Drive Thru Communication Systems

Increase Profits with Drive Thru Communication Systems

Fast casual is a recognized and accepted way most Americans eat several of their meals each week. The reliance on these Quick Serve Restaurants, better known as (QSR) has merged with the technology driven generation, simulated with the touch screen devices that drive thru workers take customer orders with to the advanced communications products found in the drive thru lane.

In the past, drive thru communication signage was simple, static and to the point. Drive thru signage served its purpose which was to help the customer decide on which food selection best fit their budget and taste. Today, drive thru communication is intuitive, dynamic, and ever-customizable and the right communication system can positively impact your bottom line.

Stress-Free Drive Thru Communication

Once they’re ready to order, customers want friendly and clear communication. Being able to hear and be heard is essential, no matter how friendly the order-taker is or how hard they are trying to engage with their customer. If the customer can’t hear them properly, it can quickly become a pain point for the customer. There is also a real chance the employee will get the order wrong, which is another huge source of aggravation for your customer and a waste of money and time for you.

It is crucial to your drive thru to ensure that you provide your drive thru customers with a crystal clear, background noise reducing, audio communication experience. OrderMatic’s speaker pedestal can be paired with a drive thru menu board and branded to match your other drive thru products. Audio systems really impact the customer and order-taker’s experience and should be able to facilitate natural conversations without stress.

Save Money with a Communications System

Popular industry performance studies have repeatedly shown the direct correlation between order accuracy and profits.  Top drive thru performers in terms of order accuracy has a ranking of 96.4 percent accuracy, which still means that almost 4 percent of the time they get the order wrong. This can be easily avoided if every drive thru team member is connected to the other through a system that allows them to communicate at will with absolute clarity, wherever they may be in the restaurant. For example, staff in large kitchen areas can use hands-free headset systems to communicate, ensuring orders are fulfilled 100 percent accurately and in timely fashion.

Keeping customers happy and coming back for more is simply a matter of creating a pleasurable experience, and that means a good product coupled with good communication, not just with the customer, but also with every member of the team.

About The Company

OrderMatic Corporation develops solutions that enhance the customer transactional experience in new and innovative ways. OrderMatic designs and manufactures drive thru menu boards, branded next generation signage, and drive in products and accessories for quick service restaurants, retail merchants, and sports and entertainment venues.