Is Your Drive-Thru Memorable

Is Your Drive-Thru Memorable

When you are making your small business, it is important that you are making a brand and mission statement that stands out in a crowd. If you are opening up a drive-thru ordering experience, you want to make sure that your customers know where they are and what they are getting from you. This means that your experience must stand out compared to the rest of the companies in your market.
This could be done in a few different ways and as time has continued, many drive-thru companies are trying more and more different techniques to stand out.

The Goal

The goal is to of course stand out from the crowd. There is a neat way of finding this out as well. If you were to blindfold a customer and bring them to your business without them knowing, and they took off their blindfold, would they know where they were just by your drive-thru? You want the answer to be yes. The goal is to have your drive-thru represent your company and your brand well enough so that even a traveler could remember. You want to have a memorable color scheme, brand, food items, or even a drive-thru experience. If your answer was leaning towards no, there can be many ways to remedy this.

Starting Simple

Do you have a brand? This could be as simple as a color scheme, a mascot, a logo, or even a catchphrase. Anything that makes you stand out and makes your company yours and not competitors.
Figuring out the colors that you want to represent your business could be key in standing out. Businesses like Starbucks have green and white, while McDonald’s has red and yellow. Both of these businesses also have very distinct logos, one being a woman and the other being yellow arches. When you see these, your mind might automatically think of Starbucks or McDonald’s. This could be a great theme to follow for your own business to help it look different from the others.

The Design Technology

The way your drive-thru is designed can also be a standing-out point. Companies like Chick-Fil-A have multiple cars in the drive-through with their workers taking order’s outside. If you were to walk up to this, you would be able to tell from the red uniforms and workers outside that it is Chick-Fil-A. Having a great drive-thru design that isn’t like everyone else’s could be a great way to pass the blindfold test.


Now, this option of branding could be expensive, however, with our changing times, it could be vital. Through the years there have been many technological advances in drive-thrus. This may look like a screen for a menu board or a communication device that also shows the client’s order to them while they are speaking to the employee. Having bright and easy to read menu boards like this can not only help you stand out but also make the ordering process easier for your customers. 

Next time you are taking a walk around your business, look at your drive-thru. Would it pass the blindfold test? It may be time for a change.