It’s Time to Update Your Drive Thru

Drive-thrus are changing with society, with QSRs increasingly focusing on technology to improve their efficiency in a world of complex menu items and changing customer expectations.

Install an Order Confirmation Board

Order confirmation boards (OCBs) expedite the process of making sure an order is correct, freeing up employees to prepare food while preventing errors that could increase drive-thru wait times. Customers who need to step out of their car to return or exchange a wrong order slow up the inside line as they interrupt cashiers, while also putting strain on drive-thru workers as they try to fix the order.

Realize the Full Potential of Digital Menu Boards

Unlike static menus, digital displays can change with the time of day via dayparting, so there is no need to fit breakfast, lunch and dinner options on the same screen simultaneously. When designing your product placements, reserve precious screen real estate for images of your highest margin products at the top. Make sure the most popular items are easily visible so your regulars do not spend extra time looking at the menu and holding up cars behind them.

Incorporate Presell Menu Boards

Presell menu boards can be more persuasive than your main menu board since they devote more real estate to a single promotional item. If there is a line at the drive-thru, a presell menu board can offer something to look at while customers wait. It can also save customers the hassle of having to ask about your holiday drinks or specials, helping them finalize their purchase decisions sooner, and frees your employees of the burden of remembering to mention your limited time offers.

Upgrade Your Drive-Thru Equipment

To maximize your drive-thru’s efficiency and save time in the future, look for new equipment that allows for on-site upgrades like vehicle detection loops, crystal-clear audio systems, and intuitive order tracking.

Drive-thru headsets with noise reduction and echo cancellation improve comprehension for drive-thru orders, increasing your drive-thru team’s accuracy and speed of service since they will no longer have to ask customers to repeat their orders amidst a backdrop of humming car engines. The exceptional clarity of the 3M wireless headset will allow you to get orders right the first time – so customers will come back for a next time.

From exploring order confirmation boards and installing digital menus to using presell menus effectively, there are many ways to improve your drive-thru’s efficiency. The key is recognizing which parts of the ordering process need improvement and how these changes will affect your need for different workflows, design and new equipment. Contact OrderMatic to discuss how you can enhance your drive-thru experience!