Keeping up With the Technology

Keeping up With the Technology

Just in the last two years, there have been vast technological advancements in the restaurant business. From fast food to dine-in restaurants, their technology procedures have changed and adapted to the times. New technology can also mean an easier and quicker time for both your customers and your workers. When you have higher standards for your restaurant, you might be able to see that turnaround time for dine-in guests is quicker, or that a drive-thru service is going much quicker than it used to. Upgrading the technology in your restaurant can bring a lot of benefits alongside it.

QR Codes

One of the largest changes of technology to come into the restaurant business are QR codes instead of physical menus. For a dine-in establishment, a lot of restaurants took out the option for physical menus and replaced it with QR codes that customers can scan on their phones. With almost everyone having a smartphone that has this ability, it can make the process of choosing drink and food a lot easier.
With a digital menu, you can create tabs for your customers to click on for drinks, entrees, desserts, or specific types of meals they might want. This can help save time from having to read the whole menu if they just want a certain type of food. People also work faster on their phones and know their way around it already, making the option of a scanning code menu very user-friendly.

Apps and Subscriptions

A scanning menu code can also lead the way to a subscription option for your customers. This can lead them to sign up for rewards or updates on new drinks or food items. By allowing them to sign up with your business you are encouraging return customers and showing them the ease of eating with you.
This can also be done by creating an app for your restaurant as well. An app can lead to options like online ordering as well. If you have the ability to have an in-store pickup or a curbside pick-up, you can create an app that customers can download and create an account and earn rewards from ordering from you. This can be a great tool for fast-casual restaurants to keep businesses moving quickly and efficiently.

Drive-Thru Ordering

The option of drive-thru ordering can be seen at many fast-foot or fast-casual places. The option to order up at the speaker can be quick and easy for both the customer and worker, however, if you do offer an app or online ordering, you could have a second drive-thru line for those orders. Places like Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks offer online ordering pick-up through the drive-thru and it can help show that the customer’s time is important as well as the customers there to order normally.
New technology has a lot to offer when it comes to the new restaurant business. It can be important to stay up to date and know what your customers may be looking for these days.