Making Your Menu Boards Easy and User Friendly

Making Your Menu Boards Easy and User Friendly

The first thing people may see what they drive up to your drive-thru will be your menu board. They will be hungry and that can lead to them wanting food quickly and with no hiccups along the way. One way to ensure that both you and the customer are getting the best experience possible is to create a menu board that both advertises your food and is easy to read. 

A menu board is there to help you create the sales you are hoping for, while also giving the customer an opportunity to get what they are starving for. A benefit to creating a colorful and bright board is that you can advertise your food just how you want. Meaning you can promote the seasonal items first, show meal boxes before single items, or whatever you want the customer to see first.


The act of presenting your seasonal items or bigger items first on the display menu is a form of the presale. The first thing a customer sees is usually what they remember the most once they get up to order and if you want that to be the combo meal, it can be important to place that first and in a large display. 

You can also do this by placing signs of your new items through a few feet before the drive-thru. Showing off new drinks or desserts can entice your customers to order those once they get to the drive-thru.

Menu Board Graphics

If you are a restaurant that sells breakfast and lunch, you may want to have breakfast displayed during those main hours and then switch to lunch items around noon. By doing this you are not advertising items that the customer doesn’t want later on in the day and you make more room for the food they are actually looking for. 

While you don’t want to overwhelm the customer with options, it can be a good idea to segment your menu. Using your best-selling food items and placing them at the forefront of the menu can be a great way to create a simpler design for the customer while also promoting your pricier meals.

Drive-thru marketing is all about catching the eye of your customer. This can be done by segmenting your menu while also adding large graphics of the food. If they are coming in hungry, seeing pictures of the food they could order will entice them to get more than they may have wanted in the beginning.

Use Bright Colors

Marketing 101 is to catch your customer’s attention. Making your menu board have a bright screen with easy-to-read menu items and prices can make the experience better for them. 

Having a large screen, bright colors, even moving graphics can enhance the customer’s experience and get them coming back and becoming regulars at your restaurant. 

Overall, you want to make sure the first thing they see, the menu board, something that won’t overwhelm your customers, but something that will get them interested in your product and ordering more than they came for.