Making Your Signage Stand Out in a Crowd

Making Your Signage Stand Out in a Crowd

Using proper signage can help make you stand out. In towns and cities there is no doubt that you will pass over business signs and ads while you are driving and most of the time, they probably leave you curious. That is a similar effect that you want your own restaurant’s signs to give to your audience. When it comes to restaurant marketing, there are some different tools you want to utilize when making your signs. You are marketing both service and food products so both need to come off as appetizing to your audience. Your signs, no matter how big or small, should be able to portray why consumers should choose you when they are hungry.

Legible and Simple

When creating signage the last thing you want is your audience to be confused and uninterested. One way to make sure that doesn’t happen is to keep any words you put on the signs short and sweet. Your restaurant’s name, catchphrase if you have one, a deal going on, or whatever you believe is crucial to have on the sign. When you are going to put words on your sign, you will also want to pay attention to the font and colors that you use. No matter day or night, you want your customers to be able to read it and understand what you are selling. To make sure it really stands out, bold colors are key.


When you create a business, even if you are taking on a franchise, one of the most important parts is making a brand. This brand should be a representation of what you and your business stand for and what to portray to your customers. Every business and fast-casual restaurant will have its own brand. A brand can be shown in colors, a logo, a slogan, and even customer service. As you create signage, you want your brand to be shown within the sign. Put your logo front in center with a picture of the best-selling food or next to your restaurant name. A logo can be an easy way to give your customers something to remember as they pass by and look you up by. They will remember that the restaurant with the chicken on the logo had a delicious-looking sandwich on their sign.

Purpose and Identity

The placement and size of your signs can change the purpose of the sign itself. Maybe some signs can promote the restaurant itself while others promote specific foods or deals you have going on at the time. You want each sign to come with a purpose and it will catch the eye of your customers faster.  As you create these signs, keep an eye on which ones may be attracting more customers than not. If they are not visible or in areas with not as many people, you may want to change your plan. It could be wise to do a drive-by yourself to see if you can read and understand it as well as everyone passing it. Depending on your answer, you know whether to make adjustments. 

A key part of marketing your business is your branding and signage. It can bring in large numbers of customers and get your restaurant in the minds and stomachs of your audience.