Modern Marketing for the Digital Drive Thru

Modern Marketing for the Digital Drive Thru

In this day and age, we expect to have access to new content on-demand via our phones, tablets and televisions. This expectation continues to manifest itself in nearly every environment we enter.

Communicating digitally allows restaurants to quickly and easily change content while it’s live. OrderMatic’s Digital Menu Board features software that allows content managers the ability to prep promotional artwork in advance and set deployment to a schedule. Digital signage, too, allows restaurants to communicate with customers in an even more engaging and stimulating manner than ever before.

With restaurants constantly changing promotions, fresh communication to the customer is always in demand. And, there is no doubt, digital signage is the solution.

Fast and Flexible Content Updates
Digital signage has many benefits for restaurant owners, particularly when compared to the static signage used in a large portion of restaurants to this day. Digital signage offers restaurants the flexibility needed to update content. Promotional items and menu content can be quickly changed. Day-parting will no longer be a concern as the breakfast menu can be easily switched to the lunch menu from a computer.

Producing Engaging Content
Digital content offers restaurants various opportunities to go above and beyond in its communication offerings. Animated menu content is more eye-catching and engaging than static signage, which further entices customers to make additional purchases. This too offers restaurant owners the chance to visually promote new, healthier options.

While it may be most exciting to consider what content restaurants can offer to entertain guests, it is more important for a restaurant to define its brand messaging and evoke the ideal emotions in communications and in menu presentation.

  • Red for Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs): Many experts in color theory suggest red for QSRs, but deem it inappropriate for sit-down restaurants. While it may increase heart rate and stimulate impulsive eating (a plus for QSRs), bright red digital signage or rooms may repel customers looking to stay for some time. Generally speaking, bright colors should be reserved for quick service and are a great choice for indoor and outdoor digital signage in these venues.
  • Green for Casual and Healthy Restaurants: Traditionally, green evokes calm feelings and, in general, is a soothing shade. This can be a great selection for casual restaurants looking for folks to sit and stay a while. It is also associated with freshness, healthy foods, nature, and the like. Soothing greens not only can be used to display menu content, but also imagery of the fresh vegetables and greens that guests will be served.

Fortunately for restaurants, there are a multitude of ways to implement digital signage solutions to display entertainment, menu options, and nutrition information. From on-wall kiosks to customer-facing, self-ordering kiosks to outdoor drive thru solutions, digital signage can enhance the customer experience in any type of restaurant setting.