New Technology to Streamline The Drive-Thru

New Technology to Streamline The Drive-Thru

As we continue to advance our technology, that means that new opportunities are given to us to improve our routine. The technology in a drive thru is the perfect representation of this. It is something that can be forgotten and not upgraded as the years go by, however, giving your drive thru an upgrade can make the customer’s experience even better.

Improving the way your drive-through tends to your customers can both improve the customer’s experience, while also taking the time to get and create an order faster. This can in turn make you more money and have better customer satisfaction. A huge way that drive-thrus are improving is by adding the video and iPads to the ordering process.


Adding a video aspect to something that is supposed to be away outside of the building and away from the worker’s face can be confusing. However, companies like Starbucks started to have a video component to their in 2015 and it has made huge waves in the restaurant community. This video would be shown on the menu board and allow the customer to see who they are talking to and the worker can see them as well on their screen.

Meanwhile, Chick-Fil-A has also added new technology in their drive thru service as well. They have brought their workers outside and making zones for the drive through experience. This allows the customer to talk to the workers face to face while they order before even getting to the window to get their food. It allows for more orders to be taken at once, and more orders going out.

McDonald’s has also developed a new technology for their drive thrus. They have added a sort of AI to their ordering systems, allowing for satisfactory results and a quicker drive-thru time in general.

Why Do This?

Having a personal experience while ordering food has become one of the key components to good customer service. Adding a video, or the use of an iPad to travel outside can add this personal aspect while also making the process of ordering and getting the food out, a faster one.

Both Starbucks and Chick-Fil-A have seen great results in their timing from adding these simple technology pieces to their drive thrus.

As well as adding an AI system like McDonald’s has started to do, it can make sure that greetings

and meals are spoken properly and clearly. AI is also able to hear better and work better under if need be.

Adding video, AI or any new technology has never-ending possibilities and can be such a great fix to issues of miscommunication or slow response time.

While technology is still growing and will surely have its kinks down the road, seeing how it can help in our day-to-day can make such a difference. There are so many ways it can improve your business or franchise as well as create a better experience for your customers.

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