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  • When you are making your small business, it is important that you are making a brand and mission statement that stands out in a crowd. If you are opening up a drive-thru or

  • There have been lots of changes made within the drive-thru due to new technology. The way of the drive-thru is constantly changing. Customers are finding out ways to make t

  • A new way to help gain new traffic, while also growing your loyal customer base is to look into social media. Using social media for your business can boost everything from

  • The first thing people may see what they drive up to your drive-thru will be your menu board. They will be hungry and that can lead to them wanting food quickly and with no

  • If you have a drive-thru for your restaurant, odds are that your customers expect to have a fast and easy experience going through and ordering. Drive-thrus are there to ma

  • While one of the main sources of advertising can be through a person’s phone or TV, it is important to remember that there is more out there to catch your audience’s

  • As we continue to advance our technology, that means that new opportunities are given to us to improve our routine. The technology in a drive thru is the perfect representa

  • Restaurant franchising can be a daunting field to get into. However it could be very beneficial to get into. Of course, depending on what brand you want to get into, there

  • A drive-thru is something that many people rely on when it comes time to find a quick meal for them and their family. Drive-thrus make getting food quicker and easier witho

  • No matter what business or company you may run or work for, the first thing you are taught is customer service. Depending on the position or service you are doing, the type

  • No matter the town or city you may be located in, being called someone’s favorite restaurant can be thrilling. People will stick to what they know, so if you are just openi

  • With just shy over one year into the global pandemic, restaurants around the world are still making adjustments to stay in business while providing excellent customer servi

  • The on-demand food delivery market is spiking and with more and more people going remote, there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. We’re breaking down four of

  • An effective menu can make the ultimate difference between a restaurant’s success and failure.  A great menu not only highlights your most expensive dishes, but also p

  • Restaurant marketing has become much more complicated in the past few years with the landscape of restaurant business radically transformed by the advent of digital technol