Ordermatic Has Been Serving OKC For Over 60 Years

OKC is full of creativity. According to the VisitOKC website, on this day alone there are over 20 different cultural and creative activities offered in Oklahoma City! With creative custom design and mass manufacturing capabilities, see what OrderMatic, based in Oklahoma City for over 60 years, can create for your business, so you never have to leave your customers out in the rain.

Growing up in our family business, I’ve encountered my fair share of quick serve, fast casual and drive-in restaurants. For a time, my dad had his own drive-in restaurant in Del City and he even taught me the secret to killer onion rings. (Hint, it’s all about using ice cream mix in the batter!) So, in my travels across the country, much to my teenagers’ chagrin, I’m always brainstorming a better way to service customers, whether it’s line busting innovations, or streamlining drive-thru service.

When I first moved to the Chicago area, locals welcomed me with a singular saying, “You haven’t really experienced Chicago until you’ve been through your first winter.” Things are different up here. There are seasonal businesses, and I’m not just talking about baseball. Our local Dairy Queens are only open from March to October. Small mom and pop frozen custard and hot dog stands abide by the same seasonal hours. There’s a very popular hot dog/Italian beef chain called Portillo’s that is open year-round, but they have their employees stand in the always busy drive-thru, rain or shine, to take your order, even in the winter. So, this seasonality of business has always fascinated me up here. Fast forward to 2020, and all of our restaurants and local businesses are having to switch to a new mode of thinking. I took my oldest child to Chick-fil-A this week, and a store that has a double drive through, had suddenly placed their employees outside to not only take your order, but handle your payment as well. In true family fashion, I started wondering out loud what OrderMatic could offer these businesses, so their employees didn’t have to stand out in the rain on a 40-degree May afternoon in the Chicago suburbs, in order to take customers’ orders.

Instead of weather dictating how businesses are run regionally, I guess we are now in the season of COVID-19. Businesses are having to get creative in terms of how they service customers and offer a “contactless” interaction. That’s where OrderMatic and their manufacturing design team rise to the occasion. For your design and fabrication needs, OrderMatic has a full-service sheet metal shop with an array of design capabilities, and their engineering team brings over 20 years of project management expertise to the table. So, if your business is pivoting to create a 21st century drive-thru or create a contactless customer experience, or if you are looking for a way to keep your employees out of the rain in this season of COVID-19, I could think of no better place for creative business solutions than OrderMatic.

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In my next post, I’ll talk about how World War II helped to create what I believe is the most enduring and functional product in OrderMatic’s history, and how it can help customers now…stay tuned.

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Erin (left) and her oldest child who loves Chick-fil-A and did the graphic art for this week’s post (right)

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At OrderMatic, we develop solutions that enhance the customer transactional experience in new and innovative ways. For over 60 years, we have provided turnkey contract manufacturing services nationwide. From exploring digital menu boards to using presell menus effectively, there are many ways to improve your restaurant’s efficiency even beyond best sales practices. Contact OrderMatic to discuss how you can enhance both your drive-thru and dine-in experience!