Simple Ways To Promote Your Dine-In Restaurant

The need for dine in services is growing across the United States. Fast food sales continually show that customers value affordable, freshly prepared meals, delivered fast. Studies show that in the United States alone, the restaurant industry nearly amounted to 766 billion U.S. dollars of food and drink sales last year.

It’s no question that fast casual restaurants are on the rise! Here are some simple ways to drive promotions to your growing dine-in establishment:

Outdoor Signs and Exterior Area
Signage is your dine-in restaurant’s calling card. Signage is the first thing a potential diner will see when approaching your restaurant. Fast casual businesses must ensure that their exterior signage will catch the attention of customers, and spark an interest that will drive diners through the front the door. Updating any out-of-date signs is a simple way to improve the outside look of your restaurant.

It is also important for restaurant workers to pay attention to the parking lot and any outside trash cans. If the trash cans are overflowing with garbage, a customer may get turned off and decide to go eat somewhere else. The parking lot and extended grounds should be free and clear of trash and debris.

Have a Great Online Presence
It’s standard business practice these days for your restaurant to have a clean, informative website so diners can browse menus, learn about promotions and have contact information for order placements, opening hours and location. Dine-in restaurants should also maintain social media channels in an effort to connect with their customers. The key with social media is not to necessarily have 20 separate social media accounts, but rather have 2-3 really great accounts that make sense for your business.

On social media accounts, businesses can list their local hours, location, reviews, and advertise special promotions. These accounts can be a great way to engage with customers and attract new, potential customers. And, who doesn’t like to post a great photo of delicious food? Social media allows for relatively low-cost marketing that can build exposure for your restaurant.

Get Involved with the Local Community
One of the best ways a business can promote its dine in service is to get involved with their local community. Showing that your dine in restaurant supports your community can really make an impact and help the residents of your town feel more connected to your brand. Your dine-in restaurant could hold discount days for specific nonprofit organizations, sponsor a little league team, and even pay for ad placements in the local high school newsletter. The key here is just to get involved.

With a little ingenuity, promoting your dine-in restaurant can be fun, easy and inexpensive. Try out some of these tips and watch your restaurant’s business grow!