Stadiums Continue to Embrace Digital Signage

The earliest known stadiums—the term itself comes from a Greek word for a unit of measurement—came from Greece, where stands surrounded U-shaped tracks. Some of those stands were built into hillsides, while others used all sorts of stone—even marble—to give spectators a stair-stepped view of watch foot races.

While the Greeks gave us stadiums in the half-dozen or so centuries before Christ, credit the Romans for really giving stadiums a monumental shift in the first few centuries after; however, The Colosseum, built in 80 AD, still serves as the father of all modern stadiums.

As the times have evolved, so have the advancements in stadium design and technology. More and more venues are embracing tech solutions to drive sales and guest engagements during events.

Can Digital Signage Displays Work For Stadiums?

Given the resounding success of digital signage displays across the entertainment, food and beverage, quick serve, and leisure sector, worldwide, digital signage displays certainly can work for stadiums and do!

Facilities that install digital signage displays, have found that it has enabled them to reach a much wider proportion of the passing public, helping the facility to increase ticket sales for the variety of performances that it hosts throughout the year.

Stadiums and venues that incorporate digital screens can communicate their events in a single signage solution, taking our external marketing to a whole new level and achieving greater stand-out for the venue itself.

Why The Shift From Print To Digital Signage?

Aside from the commercial benefits, digital signage displays represent an opportunity for stadiums to streamline their marketing process. Where events used to be publicized via printed posters and third party advertising, digital signage provides a single solution that can be managed more efficiently.

Operational directors of stadiums and event venues also recognize the impact digital signage displays have had in a stadium setting. In a stadium environment, digital signage units serve as the ultimate point-of-sale system.

Digital signage units deployed throughout sports arenas are usually used as digital menu boards or they’re strategically positioned close to concession stands and along concourses to drive sales in an effort to boost revenue streams.

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