How to Stand Out in the Quick Serve Industry

How to Stand Out in the Quick Serve Industry

With the quick serve industry being more saturated than ever, fast food and fast casual brands are ramping up their efforts to stand out. There have never been more options for customers to choose from for their hunger needs, from fast food at the drive thru, to fast casual, and everything in between. Dedicating time and resources to attract new customers, and retain existing customers is not a new initiative for the market, but with more competition than ever, it’s worthwhile for brands to find new ways to stand out.

Emerging technology is making it easier than ever to let your customers have a full experience at your restaurant, even in the quick serve, or drive thru model. Adding apps for personal devices, interactive digital boards, and games entertains your customers while they engage with the brand, whether sitting in the drive thru, or on the go. Competitions or game style promotions have proved to be beneficial, for both capturing a younger demographic of customers, as well as the demographic of parents who are looking to keep their offspring happy on the go.

Using apps that customers install on their personal phones to make ordering easier doesn’t just allow for higher customer satisfaction, but repeat business. Often, this also offers the ability to data mine for further insights in your customer’s buying habits. This information, when used properly, can help you retarget your existing customers more efficiently, and drive new customers through your doors (or drive thru). This also allows you to adjust marketing efforts in store and online in a much faster time.

You can also reward customers for posting about the brand on social media, with reminders to do so posted in the drive thru lane, inside of quick serve restaurants, and on the brand’s own social media pages. With the rise of fast casual dining, consumers are more likely to react to social media marketing, when done in a way that feels more trendy and fun, and less like traditional marketing. This is an opportunity to create word of mouth marketing, while driving customer loyalty. When consumers post on social media about a brand (in a positive light), they themselves are more likely to return to that business.

Finally, consider adding delivery services to your existing drive thru and fast food offerings. In the era of one day online delivery for most items, and busier than ever schedules, those customers looking for meal from the quick serve industry will be swayed by the ability to order online (or by telephone) and have their food delivered to them. When choosing to add on this service, be sure to consider cost of drivers, equipment, training, insurance, and more, but if done properly, this could be a great way to stand out in an otherwise very saturated market.

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