The Benefits of Using A Hybrid Manufacturer

The Benefits of Using A Hybrid Manufacturer

The concept of hybrid manufacturing is gaining the attention of customers rapidly, and for good reason. By being able to manufacture products utilizing multiple disciplines, OrderMatic is able to eliminate costly processing time, shopping around to multiple vendors, and pass those benefits on to our valued customers.

As one of the most diverse metal fabrication shops in the Midwest, hybrid manufacturing allows OrderMatic to provide full service design and build operations for all industries. Hybrid manufacturing is defined as using multiple disciplines (mechanical, structural, electrical) to create a final product. This cuts down on time spent sourcing vendors, materials, and even moving a product from one physical location to another. Days or even weeks can be lost in the time it takes to get a partially finished product from one manufacturing facility to another, even if the locations are close, geographically. This wasted time costs everyone involved money and frustration.

What truly sets OrderMatic apart in the hybrid manufacturing industry is our experience and expertise. With over 60 years in the business, we’ve built a design and manufacturing process around customer experience. We treat products like our own and offer suggestions to ensure optimal end user experience. With diverse capabilities in assembly, engineering, electronics, fabrication and molding and stamping, we are a one-stop-shop that allows for custom designs as well as high volume, low cost manufacturing.

Our expert engineering team has extensive knowledge, including mechanical, structural, electrical, and software. With years of product design and drawing experience, a true understanding of value engineering, and UL certification, there is simply no other in the hybrid manufacturing space quite like OrderMatic.

Our technical expertise is supported by a  20+ year project management team who is organized and efficient, with experience in PM industry standards and professional communications. You will find ease in letting us manage the details from design conception to product delivery.

As a long-term partner with our customers, we have a culture centered on building and supporting those relationships. Our tenure in the industry also means we are well-connected, and if we cannot provide the right solution, we likely know who can do so with integrity and quality.