The Importance of the Customer Journey

The Importance of the Customer Journey

The Customer Journey is one of the oldest marketing concepts. It encompasses every path traveled by a customer from the moment they contact your company until the purchase takes place and the subsequent period of loyalty.

Companies that know how to deal adequately with the client’s journey have several advantages over other businesses:

  • Increased customer satisfaction. A happy and satisfied customer is a loyal customer. Once someone trusts your product or service, the likelihood of repeat business increases.
  • Churn reduction. Multiple design and engineering iterations cost money. A well-developed revision plan will save on material costs and labor.
  • Increased revenue. Successful products and services will naturally yield more sales.
  • Increased employee satisfaction. Executing a new product release takes a team. Employees can discover opportunities to develop more effective ways of collaborating between roles and levels.


Additionally, companies that view the importance of the customer’s journey in the context of the end-to-end customer experience as something that goes beyond simply optimizing processes to make them more enjoyable find even greater success.

These enjoyable Insights can be gathered from the use of ‘touchpoints’. Touchpoints are the ways customers interact with a brand or company though varying channels. These touchpoints could be anything from a customer arriving on the company’s website and reading a blog, to making a purchase online or in store. Touchpoints are essentially points of contact and interaction that customers have with a brand or business.

Accurate tracking of these touchpoints – and how customers interact with them – enables companies to understand customer behavior and context. When analyzing the data drawn from these touchpoints at scale, companies can build a customer journey map to visualize these key customer interactions. These interactions can be used to build a comprehensive understanding of how, why and when customers engage with the company, purchase a product, or enlist a service.

OrderMatic provides Sustenance and Re-engineering Services to support the companies as they map through their customer’s journey. OrderMatic understands that once the product is released into the market, periodic updates and enhancements will be inevitable with time along with maintenance along with continuous feedback loops from customers.

Every customer is unique in the way that they engage with a company. Having a framework in place to optimize each touchpoint while being able to capitalize on customers’ interactions, along with support resources to pivot re-designs, is essential to generating more revenue and new business alike.