Using Social Media To Promote Your QSR Business

Using Social Media To Promote Your QSR Business

A new way to help gain new traffic, while also growing your loyal customer base is to look into social media. Using social media for your business can boost everything from online traffic to physical traffic. It can reach people that you may not be getting from just the normal build board or signs you are using. By utilizing social media, your restaurant can build a brand around itself and make the idea of your food and atmosphere appealing to the customers out there. Social media can also make it easier to find you and find reviews as well. The results are endless and can only be beneficial.

Branch Out 

There are many ways to get your restaurant reckingiesed on the internet. This can be your website, a Facebook page, Instagram, email list, or any way that you think will connect you to the world around you. By having all these options, you can reach many different groups of people at once. Your loyal customers, travelers, and people in your town who are looking for a new place to eat. 

It can be important to update these platforms every day or so. It doesn’t always have to be the same thing either. It can be picture posts, captions, videos, promos, pictures with customers, and anything else your creativity thinks of.


These are options on many platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat where they allow you to post pictures or short videos for 24 hours before they disappear. These can be great to promote one-day sales, new items, fun things going on in the restaurant that day, employee shenanigans. People look to stories for laughs and information on the people they follow. 

This would be a great way to showcase updates to your drive-thru menu, new foods, and anything that will catch people’s eyes. People love to see the inner workings of where they go as it can make them feel more connected to the businesses they go to.

Make Promos for the Platform Specifically

You can’t fit a unique video on a billboard, but you can put it on Facebook or Instagram. Making promotion pieces that are meant for specific platforms can be a great way to take advantage of the more or less free marketing. Customers will see the uniqueness of your posts and be drawn to them. Drive-thru marketing is more than just simple build boards and signs these days. There is so much available at your fingertips. 

Setting up social media that is welcoming and exciting for your wanted audience can really help you stand out from competitors. Show off your amazing business and employees and your customers will come flooding in with curiosity and hungry stomachs.