Utilizing Out-Of-Home Advertising

Utilizing Out-Of-Home Advertising

While one of the main sources of advertising can be through a person’s phone or TV, it is important to remember that there is more out there to catch your audience’s eye. This can be through out-of-home advertising. Advertising shouldn’t just be in one place, to really get your brand and name out there, you want to be anywhere that your chosen audience is going to be.

This can mean that there will be the need for billboards, park benches, posters in the subway, and really anywhere that someone may see it on their day-to-day route. Think about where you may have seen an advertisement for McDonald’s, now how much of that was outside of your own home and phone? Utilizing out-of-home advertising can get you those hungry customers that are already out near your restaurant.

How It Can Help Your Business

Branching out and allowing your business to market outside of the normal TV ad can allow more people to see it on the go and in their day-to-day lives. If you plan on guiding people to your restaurant, placing an advertisement in close proximity to your business can help raise foot traffic. This can mean putting them on highway exit signs or even bus seats so that travelers and people on the move can see it even if they are not specifically looking.

Popping up ads near your restaurant or just around your community can build brand awareness for your business. The first step of getting people through your doors is getting your name in their heads. That can easily be done with big and small ads around high trafficking areas of your community and even small coupons in nearby gas stations to get people to your doors.

This can be especially effective when having a drive-thru. Adding the words “drive-thru” to a highway sign can make customers more likely to come through to you if they are traveling or in a rush. is never ending and is changing and adapting every day.

Adding a video aspect to something that is supposed to be away outside of the building and away from the worker’s face can be confusing. However, companies like Starbucks started to have a video component to their in 2015 and it has made huge waves in the restaurant community. This video would be shown on the menu board and allow the customer to see who they are talking to and the worker can see them as well on their screen.

Creating the Best Out of Home Ads

The best way to get people’s attention is by creating an ad that will stand out against others. This can mean having a selected few colors that are connected with your name, having a slogan that is easy to remember or catchy, or characters on the ad as well. Creating a name for yourself and associating it with a catchy phrase or set of colors can be a great way to get into people’s heads without them realizing it.

If you do decide to put ads out in highly trafficked areas, it can be important to create a “call to action” on the ad. This means putting a direction to go, a website to visit for coupons or online ordering, or a scanner code for easy access to the menu. All of these can entice your audience to go to your restaurant.

The ad that you put out should be clear and concise to what you are selling and showing your customers. With each restaurant it will look different, there is no cookie-cutter way to do an ad, but it is important to learn which styles and routes work best for you and your business.

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