What to Expect in the Future for the Fast Food Industry

What to Expect in the Future for the Fast Food Industry

There have been lots of changes made within the drive-thru due to new technology. The way of the drive-thru is constantly changing. Customers are finding out ways to make the drive-thru process faster, easier, and better for them and restaurants are listening. 

We have seen changes, one being from mobile ordering in addition to the drive-thru and quick processing of food orders. From there, changes and adaptations have only grown and we are still seeing more needs and wants from the customer. Listing can be extremely beneficial if you want to be ahead of the curve and try to keep your loyal customers happy, and new ones coming in.

Outside Workers

This can already be seen working in places like Chick-Fil-A. Customers are liking the action of ordering their food from their car in the line of the drive-thru and then pulling up. As seen from Chick-Fil-A, this can help make the ordering and drive-thru process faster and more efficient. 

They are able to order from more cars at once, letting the kitchen cook more meals than just one. This can make the drive-thru line go much faster than before, while still keeping the top-notch customer service customers are always looking for.

Curbside Pickup

This has grown in popularity throughout the past year and now customers want it to stay. Curbside pickup allows the customers to use mobile ordering and come to your restaurant and park to wait for it. They can take their time with your menu, order exactly what they want, pay on the website, and then just wait for it. 

This can be extremely convenient for customers who may not want to wait in lines or wait inside for their food. In the end, you are still giving them excellent customer service through your website and the employee who walks it out to them.

Food History

This can help your restaurant in more ways than one. Customers are looking for platforms that are able to remember their past orders so that ordering can be faster and easier for them the next time. By doing this, it would make them create an account, rewards account if that is what you do, and be put in your system. 

By getting them in your system, you are creating loyal customers and then you can also offer coupons or promotions when people sign up, or later on in their orders. Customers like to know they are treasured in your business and giving them the option of food history and a rewards program can show that. 

A rewards program can also be a great form of drive-thru marketing as you would be able to promote new items and deals to their emails or phone numbers to keep them coming back. 

When it comes to potential changes and updates in the drive-thru ways, they may only be quick fixes and adaptations of what you already have going. They can be seen to have amazing benefits in the long run when it comes to traffic and customer loyalty.